The Exercise Ball Plank

You can read all you want about doing exercises and how it will benefit your help. Ultimately, reading isn’t going to do anything for you. You need to start doing. This is one excellent exercise you can start doing.

This exercise should remind you of the standard plank. This is where the trainee is on their elbows and toes and holds their body straight in form. This exercise works the core muscles. Those that have done the standard plank or have excellent balance will find this to be an excellent exercise. However, it is encouraged to anyone who wants to try it out.

To begin, place your feet next to each other on the exercise ball. You will be facing the ground. Now, set your arms up by bending them at the elbows and placing them directly below your shoulders. This should form a 90 degree angle. Next, bring or suck in your stomach. This firms up the stomach. Keep your back straight so that you do not have an arch or bow. All that is left is to hold this position for the time frame you designate.

The recommendations are to start with 3 sets which each set you will be holding the position for 15-30 seconds. A 30-45 second rest between sets is recommended as well. As this becomes easier, increase the time of the hold and number of sets done. You will benefit most from this exercise by incorporating it at least 2-3 times a week into your routine.

Again, this is not a very easy exercise to do. This requires to have some balance. Beginner users may benefit more from starting with the regular plank. Both are excellent. Adding a ball just adds a little more complexity and helps keep your routine fresh.

The ball plank is a great exercise to work your core muscles. When doing these exercises, it is recommended to do other core exercises around them. Also, be sure to stay healthy by warming, stretching and than cooling down, stretching. Also, be sure to stay hydrated. Doing so will allow you do to more while doing exercises more often which will lead to getting into shape faster.

Exercising will allow you to not only look better but you will also feel healthier. While doing this ball plank exercise, be sure to accompany it and your routine with a healthy diet as well. Remember, a diet should consist of more than just one food group.