The Extra Step – Focus and Dedication – The Difference Between Greatness and Mediocrity

In today’s competitive world, races are no longer won by minutes but by milliseconds. The winner and the looser at election time are separated by slim margins. The odds are narrowing down, the competitions getting more fierce and the difference between success and failure in the business, professional and entrepreneurial world are getting smaller and smaller.

If we want to win and succeed we must have that winner’s edge, that little but significant distinction that separates the winners from those who will be lost in the crowd. It’s what will distinguish the ones who will be noticed from those who will stay in the shadows.

That small distinction is what will make the difference between the person who is awarded the contract and the one who will be thanked for sending a submission. The difference between the guy who will climb the ladder of success and the guy who will be thanked for his services.

In today’s world, being good is not enough. We are expected to be good. Being excellent will get us nothing but a passing grade. If we want to get ahead and succeed, we must be outstanding. That’s where the money is, that’s how we get the prize, that where the elevator goes to the top.

If being outstanding is so important, the subject needs further consideration and the question that begs to be asked is, “How do we get to be outstanding?”

Two simple words could answer that question. Focus and dedication. These two words may be closely related subjects but each deserve a special consideration.

Focus implies a specificity of purpose. The final objective must be specific and very well defined. That is just as true in the entrepreneurial field as it is in the corporate world. We no longer live in the world of jacks-of-all-trades. The competition is too fierce. The area of expertise and interest must be narrowed down to its acceptable limit.

Specificity of purpose does not exclude general culture. Its a must in affluent and well to do circles. But it does mean that conscious and judicious choices be exercised in time management. Priority must be given to the object of our focus.

Dedication means discipline, efforts and concentration. You don’t get to be a world class athlete by being interested in your discipline, you get there by being totally dedicated to it. The same applies to anyone who desire to become outstanding and succeed in a specific area of expertise.

The prize, the honors and the pure satisfaction go those who are truly on focus and exercise total dedication. That’s where being outstanding which is the winner’s edge is found. And that’s what is needed if there is to be any hope of achieving outstanding success. It’s the key to the brass ring. Focus and dedication equals outstanding success. Go for it.