The Finest Bee Stuff When Harvesting Honey

In order to carry out a beekeeping business successfully, there are certain that you need to purchase. Bee stuff may refer to bee equipments that are needed in the business. You will need these things to harvest honey easily or protect yourself from the bee stains. Actually, these are must-have bee stuff for a beekeeper to perform his duties smoothly.

Since a beehive is where the colony of bees live and a nest where you can harvest honey, and also a place where you might get stung by the bees, you there before need some protective bee stuff to defend yourself and to carry out your beekeeping venture more fruitful. However, besides the protective stuffs, the rest bee stuff is used for harvesting honey. In this article, let's talk some of these bee stuffs regarding their uses and why a beekeeper must have them.

Are your beehives already full of honey and ready to harvest? Then you will need a hook. This is a handy that is used for removing frames. You can make use of this tool with one hand only and and without the need to enter your hands inside the hive. This stuff is made of metal or stainless steel. The curved end of this hook is used to hold the frame.


This bee stuff is used to complement the hook. It is actually the half part of the hook. After removing the frames of the hive, you will need to get the honey by shredding it. You can do this by scrapping the honey away from the frames with the use of the scraper and the hook.

Frame spacer

This bee stuff is a wooden piece that is used to separate the frames from the other. These are small cubes of wood to hold the frames in the precise position. The purpose of these frame spacers is to prevent the frames from sticking together.

Smoke box

This is one of the most vital bee equipments that any beekeeper should have. When you are working on the hive, smoke box is very useful for safety measure. When bees are being smoked, they are hampered from becoming aggressive allowing the beekeeper to easily harvest the honey. This is also an effective tool to avoid being stung.

So when you find yourself planning to start a beekeeping business, do not forget these bee stuffs. You will definitely need them for beekeeping success!