The First Years Hands Free Gate With Extension and Its Uses

Because of the inquisitiveness which is innate to all growing children, they sometimes end up getting hurt or in danger. One of the most common accidents that will endanger the child's life is falling on the stairs. Since almost all homes have stairs, children in these houses, particularly small children, are at risk of falling on the stairs. So to minimize these accidents a first year hands free gate with extension is a must have for those who have small children in the house.

The first year safety gate is very convenient for any parents to use because even if their hands are occupying carrying laundry or some other things, they can still open the gate without hassles since it is operated by a foot pedal. One simple push of your foot will automatically unlock the gate. However, even if it can be easily released it is specifically designed so that the child will not have easy access to the foot pedal. This way it would prevent the child from accidentally opening the gate.

One disadvantage of a first year safety gate is that some larger adults may have a hard time passing through. And if you have a wider door or stairway, the safety gate might be too small to fit snugly. If you are having this problem, you can easily resize it by getting a first gate extension. With this addition you make your gate fit neatly in any space. With a few adjustments you can use it in almost any space in your home so changing its location will be hassle free.

Baby gates are available in different variety and checking how each of them works will help identify which one will work best for you. You can do a little research online so you will have an idea how each of the functions to make your shopping later on worry free.