The First Years Wave Stroller

I know how important it is to own a quality stroller. I also know that the stroller being purchased is not only for one party, but for both parent, and baby. I have researched a lot of different strollers over the last couple years and have found a few quality ones, a few not so bad, and a few downright disastrous. Today, I will talk about one of the quality strollers, and it is, The First Years Wave Stroller.

The market today is flooded with luxurious style strollers but the main disadvantage is that most of these products are very expensive. In my opinion it is not logical for a parent to go out and pay $ 600 to $ 800 Dollars for a stroller if they quite simply have not got that kind of money at their disposal.

Fortunately though, if you shop around for long enough you might come across a company that offers a luxurious stroller for far less money but with all the necessary features reserved more the more high-end stroller. The company I'm talking about is " first years" and the stroller is "The First Years Wave Stroller"

Let's run through just some of the features on this product to entice and massage your impulses to see for yourself …

Reversible seat feature

This feature is unique to this brand because it allows you to have your little one facing either way simply by lifting the handle and rotating it a full 360 degrees whilst your baby is still on board.

Huge Sunshade

On those breezy days or those really hot days where the sun is splitting the trees, you can pull the sunshade right down over your little one for full protection. Believe me … the sunshade is a fantastic feature on this product.

Baby Positioning

If you take a look around these days you will notice that most strollers are positioned low to the ground. What I like about the first years wave stroller is how higher up off the ground it is compared to the rest. Your baby is closer to you and more importantly, further away from the dust off the ground which can be a bonus if you live in a much more built up area.

Bassinet and Seat Feature All in One

The Wave Stroller is a Bassinet, it is also a Seat if you want it to be. By simply making a few adjustments you can go from one to the other in a matter of seconds … it's that easy.

Telescopic Handle

This is another great feature on this stroller and it's something that could have been easily over looked when they were designing this product. So, no matter if your small or tall, the first years stroller's handle can be adjusted for comfort with ease.

For this very short article I could not possibly go through each feature on this stroller so I had to limit it to just a brief overview. Before I go, I'll tell you this, the Wave is extremely durable, It handles smoothly over rough terrain (grass, gravel etc), it is seriously easy to fold and pack away, and it comes with a universal car seat adapter for those long journeys outside of town.

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Maria Sherperr