The Free Spider Web System Exploding MLM Machine

The free Spider Web System is making waves out in the world of MLM and Internet Marketing in general. It's empowering individuals who are looking to either get into their very own home business or individuals who are in an existing MLM company but are not making it, with their current business and marketing systems and are looking for some real solutions on how to generate new customers And leads into their primary business.

The beauty with the spider web system and what RoundGoods Consulting have put forth is that it lays it out in lay man terms, exactly how to get your online business going while helping you to put into place a system which generates 12 plus streams of passive income ; And on top of this, the spider web will also set itself up to start pulling in leads and new prospects into the web for it's owner to start building their business with.

How? Greeeat question.

Well … first of all, right after signing up, you are put through all the steps and procedures with video tutorials and explicit instructions on how to go about building your very own spider web on the world wide web, spinning it out their, As any old spider would, who is looking to catch their next meal …. with the one exception here, you do not get to eat your "catch," rather, you get to build working relationships with real people who are looking To make either full-time or part-time incoming from their home businesses.

The spider web system will not cost you a dime, cent, peso or dollar to get into it and started.

Does that mean that it will not cost you any money at all?

Not bloody easily!

Let me ask you this question? Where can you start and operate a business without it costing you money? If you know ………. pleeeease tell me. I'd love to know!

It's ridiculous to even assume that this can be done. But, that does not mean that it can not be done entirely either. After setting up your 12 streams of income …. your cost for the system will amount to about $ 20.00 and if you did not want to spend another cent on it, you might get a slow, slooooow, sloooooooow dribble of new prospects into It.

With statistics for the Internet Marketing scene raging at a high of 97% of individuals failing, then I am not surprised to see "why" there are hesitant individuals not wanting to spend any more money on "another" ….? Loss = Pain. Pain does not feel so good.

But, as you can see from some of my other posts here, I have been with the system for over 4 weeks now, and I am turning over regular money as well as building my down line and when it comes to network marketing, then that's What you want, and more importantly, you want your down lines being able to duplicate you and being able to build their own very teams and businesses; Turning over profits and drawing in prospects.

Yes, the basic premise of the Spider Web is that it is a self-funded proposal system, or as it is also known as "funded proposal prospecting system." Essentially, it spells out the same meaning ….. meaning that, your targeting individuals who are looking for a solution, in this case, the solution is provided in a full package of tutorial videos, 12 streams of passive income, complete with 4 capture pages, back office which has an auto responder and tracking built into it.
Exactly what any online entrepreneur would need to get started and be able to function as a business should be able to.

What's that I hear you ask? "It's for Free?"

Well … yes, it's for free, which makes it even more appealing but what makes it unique as a system, is that as long as your adding and building your down line up then those streams of income will continue to flow in, and That is where the funding is coming from and if you were completely lazy, then it might just do for a while, until the market was completely settled.

But, the concept that Kimball Roundy – founder – is pushing with the system, is that the system is the system and not your primary business or secondary, but it provides a solution to getting one set-up as an Internet home business without needing To read 50 ebooks, study Google AdWords and Google AdSense backwards and …. if that is not enough, to watch 5 tutorials by all the known Gurus ….. to then still be in a position of confusion because one; Just is not able to put "all the pieces of puzzle" together to make a beautiful picture.

The Spider Web takes all of the confusions and distractions out of the "picture" and generates income and prospects for you to be able to work with and grow a network business which can then be promoted and duplicated by others, no-matter their level of Computer and Internet – savviness!

The concept is not a new one and they have been some predecessors to the spider web, but what Kimball has exceptionally done, was to put together a system which has one the hatting and steps to be able to set-up their business and get it Going making money IMMEDIATELY … without needing to spend all the long hours into the nights and in order to do so.

If you have ever had anything to do with MLMs or networking before, then you can understand that people lose momentum either either of a few things happen:

1. People are not joining up.

2. Loss of money in trying to get people to sign-up, who do not end up signing up.

3. Loss of enthusiasm from losing money, losing time in trying to get people to sign-up and who, just do not end up joining.

4. One is not able to get others duplicating the steps necessary in order to grow their down lines business, so you get that same "vicious circle …." losing interest, momentum, money and STILL no one joining up.

So of course, failure will ensue. And there … in a few lines, we get the general idea why network marketers fail online.

Now, in a Nutshell, the spider web system eliminates all these.

I should know, because I am using it and applying the system, building my business into numbers which I only thought about and never considered actually to be realistic – for me that is.

For those who have been online and have made the attempts to or have built some numbers to their business, the spider web is a blessing, to the degree that one makes the honest efforts to follow the step by step instructions as laid out in the Tutorials, but bearing in mind, that the system is also in a beta stage, and that as any other beta product, you're going to get bugs appearing and hiccups in the process.

Kimball and his team are ironing these out, from an auto-blog posting issues, to having additional servers being added in order to be able to keep up with the system demands.

The point is that, by the time you are through setting up, you now have a powerful tool in which to go out into the world wide web and generate leads and clients as well as finding people who are willing to join you as team members: -)

Pretty sweet deal.

Right now, I do not believe theirs is a better system out that that can effectively market you and more importantly, your home business such as the one seen with the spider web system. It's definitely been exploding my business and will continue to do so, as long as I continue to create the business and more importantly, as long as the system can be duplicated by my team members and their team members – and so on.

Obviously, I have not been able to tell all here, as there is soooo much that one needs to experience for themselves in order to really appreciate the REAL value that you get with the spider web system.

Think of your self as Neo in the Matrix. Which color pill are you going to take? The Red One – forget all that you have been told and go back to your life as if nothing has changed or …. you will take the Blue one, and off into a new land of adventure.

It's your choice ……

Want the Blue one? Follow the trail leading out.

May you never be the same again,