The Fundamentals Of Bathroom Ceiling Lighting

Every day, before we head off to the outside world, we spend some time in the bathroom first, taking care of ourselves. The bathroom is also a place where most of us spend time relaxing after a long day at work, maybe by soaking in the bath tub. Homeowners may not put too much attention to it but one of the most important amenities in a bathroom is the lights, especially bathroom ceiling lighting.

Yes, lighting plays a significant role in both the functionality and aesthetics of a bathroom. With the proper lighting, your bathroom can crossover from simply adequate to truly sophisticated. Proper illumination is necessary in every bathroom especially if it is used mainly for grooming and hygiene. Of course, activities such as shaving or putting on make up needs sufficient lighting in order to be done properly. To achieve this, you can install bathroom ceiling lighting fixtures that will provide the needed illumination. You can install a decorative lighting fixture and suspend it from the ceiling. This will not only provide enough light throughout the entire room but will also introduce an elegant style in your bathroom. In the shower, you can also install overhead lighting that will cast enough light into the area without producing too much glare. Ceiling lights will also brighten enclosed corners in your bathroom.

Bath tub areas need a more subtle lighting to create a more relaxed atmosphere and subdued ambiance. This can be achieved by using recessed lighting fixtures that gently diffuse the light but still provide sufficient illumination. A good technique is to focus the light towards the edge of the tub. This will help avoid dull lights in your bath area. Meanwhile, if you are fond of reading while on the toilet, you can install reading lamps either on the ceiling or the wall.

The most important area of the bathroom that should be given proper illumination is the vanity area or the mirror. You can install bathroom ceiling lighting that is positioned in a way that will eliminate shadows and dark circles on your face. This way, the clear and sufficient illumination will aid your grooming and help you look your best. Aside from overhead lighting, you can also use sconces that will provide just enough light without casting hard shadows on your face. If you want to feel like a movie star, you can also install fluorescent light bulbs, either bare or ensconced, along the sides of your vanity mirror.

To create a relaxing atmosphere throughout your bathroom and still provide the enough illumination, you can opt for rope lights embedded in recessed moldings along the outer edges of your ceiling. This will create a more cozy and comfortable ambiance in your bathroom. To save up on electricity, you can use LED (light-emitting diodes). Other bathroom ceiling lighting is also available to suit you individual taste.