The Funky Flat Iron

The earliest flat irons were bulky monstrosities that could literally burn your delicate scalp if the stylist makes one wrong move. Not to mention the unspeakably horrible things it does to your hair! Compared to those monsters however, the flat irons of today are tiny little clip-like tools that can fit in a purse. Quality flat irons of today, like FHI platform flat irons, are pretty convenient tool for the hustle and bustle that today’s busy women need to keep up with.

These little puppies can do what used to take hours at the hands of a capable professional stylist years ago. Heck, decades ago, the only way you’re going to get any styling done was to load your hair with chemicals with the hope that it stays that way. And that’s only until you go to sleep at night!

Now the most obvious thing a flat iron is for is for straightening your hair. It may seem like a no-brainer, but there are things to keep in mind when styling your hair with a flat iron:

” Make sure your hair is dry and before pressing a flat iron’s plates on your hair. Wet hair that is subjected to high-levels of heat has a tendency to ‘cook,’ and cooked hair is not a pleasant sight. However, some flat irons can work with damp hair. FHI platform flat irons have certain ‘wet dry’ irons that can do just that: iron damp hair without damaging it.

– Wet-dry irons may work on damp hair, but no flat iron can work with tangled hair. Tangled hair will not just look ugly when ironed out, the uneven surfaces created by tangled hair has a high chance to break off when the flat iron passes through it. That means that if you’re really unlucky, you can manage to break off a lock of hair because of one, tiny bundle of tangled hair.

– Keep the strokes few, short and steady to prevent damage. It’s not the iron itself that causes mishaps – it’s trembling or sudden jerking of the hands that’s one of the main causes of broken hair while ironing. Under heat, your hair is made more fragile to make it more manageable, and putting sudden pressure on it will mean a greater chance that you’re going to break it. Try to keep the strokes

– Add some flair to your hairstyle. Some flat irons are maneuverable enough to actually add some features to your hair and not just to flatten it stick-straight. Flip-ins and flip-outs can be achieved by twisting the ends of your hair inwards or outwards, while soft curls can be achieved by gently wrapping your hair around a flat iron as you slowly and softly pull it down. Check out the latest fashion magazines for other possible hair-flair you could try with your flat iron!

– Get the best iron you can afford. Buying decent flat irons aren’t a wise choice in the long run. You need quality flat irons that you can depend on, especially for emergency purposes like a sudden presentation or a snap date. FHI platform flat irons are one line of flat irons you can count on to do the job without any worries of failing you when you need it most.

Now that you’ve got some ideas for your flat iron, go out there and show them what a funky flat iron can do for you!