The Future Of Burglary – A Think Tank Tackles The Question

Will the future of automobile theft, home invasion, and home and commercial burglary include hackers or internet international independent outsourced hacking contractors? As a futurist and the founder of a think tank, I am sure these crimes will include such hackers. Perhaps prison breaks, or even assassinations (made to look like accidents) will as well. Even clandestine forces will use these methods to attack their targets, unfortunately so too will terrorists. Let me explain.

Soon all homes in the US will have the smart grid meters, next comes the Internet of Things where everything you have that is electrical is connected to your entire network – your refrigerator, appliances, washing machine, computers, smartphone, the internet, garage door, security system, cable TV, car, kids toys, microwave, range, stove, oven, dishwasher, sleep number bed, air-conditioning system, heater, Amazon Prime order button, solar panels, gas meter, fire detector, water system, sprinklers, heater – you get the point. Now then, if you wanted to get people out of the house or to open the door, you simply set off a fire alarm, or turn on the gas stove without lighting it. Or if you wanted to blow them up, you turn on the gas, while they are gone, they come home, you light the furnace or stove – boom, no more inhabitants in the local vicinity. See that point?

One think tanker stated; “I think that the future of burglary is going to go very high tech along with car theft and whatever else crimes these morons can think of. What I find interesting is how many prisons now teach computer classes and how some businesses even have their call centers in prisons where one has to give all kinds of personal information to who knows who. Probably better than talking to someone in India and Pakistan where corruption is the name of the game and everyone does it.”

Right so, if everything is connected to the Internet, have an international blackhat hacker simply break into the victim’s system from their computer in Romania – and open the garage door to let in the thieves at a time when no one is home, and you’ll know this from their Facebook Postings, or looking and the non-use of their appliances for the last hour – or a record or pattern of their previous comings-and-goings for the last week or month. The hacker gets an electronic payment for opening the place up and develops a relationship with the criminal gangs – who like locksmiths can get into just about anything, anytime they want to. Think on this.