The G Spot – Techniques and Positions To Hit It Every Time!

There is nothing you can do more for you lady than to be a considerate and proficient lover.

In today’s world however, getting the girl to love you is one thing, but getting her to enjoy your lovemaking and finish to orgasm on a regular basis will make you a hero.

So, what is the G-spot? Where is it?

The G-spot is an area inside the vagina which is packed with nerve endings and engorges with blood when the woman is sexually excited. The G-spot is on the top wall of the vagina, about 5 to 7 cm from the vaginal opening. It is a slightly bumpy or ridged area on the upper wall of the vagina.

Your partner will be glad to tell you when you are directly on the spot.

Why is It Important to the Sexual – lovemaking act?

About 50% of all women get very aroused and feel sublime pleasure when the man is able to stimulate it. The area around the spot engorges with blood (as does a penis and clitoris) and aids in a complete orgasm.

How do I Find it? Once Found, Then What?

The best way to find it (at first) is to engage in cunnilingus and while the woman is excited, insert your fist two fingers pointing upward, as if they were the hands of a clock at about 12:15, some 5 to 7 cm from the vaginal opening.

Make a “come here” motion with the two fingers, while making sure your tongue is very busy the clitoris. The G-spot itself then makes itself very prominent, and regardless if you lady orgasms or not (and should you keep this up for about 20 minutes, she will), move to the position below.

What is the Position to Guarantee Stimulation of the G-spot?

Much has been said and written about this subject, with suggestions of the girl-on-top and doggy-style as good for G-spot stimulation.

While these positions may work, their effectiveness is questionable.

Both of these positions do not utilize the natural anatomy of the woman or the physics of an erection.

An erect penis will (usually should) tilt upwards. This tilt in the other two positions suggested with naturally tilt away, not towards the G-spot. Only the couple’s moving and adjusting may bring the penis into contact with the G-spot.

However, there is a guaranteed position that works every time, and is easy and enjoyable for both the man and woman. This is called (from the Ancient Chinese) Breaking Down the Palace Gates.

The woman must be at the correct angle. It can be done in bed with pillows, or easily done with woman lying down on a table with her legs brought slightly to her breast. Her back should be supported at about a 15% angle by pillows.

The man stands in front of her, and enters slowly. He will see that the angle is perfect and will feel the crown of his penis soon rubbing against the soft ridges of her G-spot area.

Deep thrusting is not required, in fact shallow trusting or just pressing of his penis against the spot will be ecstasy to his partner. Most women will cry with pleasure as this is done, and she will melt underneath you.

Then, you can begin alternating between shallow and deep thrusting, till you slowly bring her to orgasm. The man must practice self-control, as he will be ready to finish before the woman is.

The lack of thrusting in this position will help the man delay his orgasm.

This position hits the G-spot every time, and if you are a conscientious lover, you will achieve for your partner orgasms she and you will remember.