The Genius You’re About to Read

Ok the genius you’re about to read, Is not of my own creation.

Yes sadly I admit today I’ll be blatantly robbing and duplicating (ok not REALLY sad about it) however the information is SO POWERFUL I have to do it justice by sharing it with you as I received it.

I had the pleasure of spending an entire day with the co-authors of the book Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul. He and his wife are two of the most passionate trainers/speakers I know.

To write this book they interviewed over 3000 entrepreneurs and found they all had some very basic similarities.

Oh and they also happen to be top income earners in my company.

To begin with they floored me with a perspective of the 80/20 rule that I had not thought of before. (This is why you spend your time around those more successful than you)

Here was their perspective:

If we know that 80% of our results come from 20% of our activity then why don’t we focus on and do more of the 20%?

The challenge is most people in network marketing don’t know what the 20% is!


Here is a question that I immediately have plastered all over my home office that will help you understand what a 20% activity is. Get ready, “If I simply did this activity every day for the rest of the year would my bank account grow?”

Yes you should read that Again…and Again…and Again..and AGAIN.

For example if you go to your local business briefing every week is that an 80% activity or a 20% activity? With out a guest it’s an 80% with a guest it’s a 20%. One makes you busy the other makes you money!

Always ask yourself as you’re working on your business through out the day…”If I did this activity every day”…if it doesn’t contribute to your income or lifestyle stop doing it!

We can confuse being on conference calls, going to meetings and trainings, trying to shadow other successful people or doing otherwise called busy work as, contributing to our income.

Don’t get me wrong. These activities support your 20% activity however it’s when people make the 80% supporting activities their 20% activity that they aren’t making any money!

We like to say those people are marinating in the business. They show up to everything but don’t do the actual 20% activities that contribute to their income because they are uncomfortable. I.E. prospecting, handing out tools or making lead calls.

The people who marinate don’t realize that those activities are supposed to be uncomfortable in the beginning because it IS something new and if you want new results you must learn to do new things.

People are under the illusion they are doing their business because they are busy but really they aren’t productive!

Cut out the 80% activities that don’t contribute to your immediate income or lifestyle. The reason you got into a home business is profit and lifestyle! You have an opportunity to feel good about what you do at the same time but you’ll feel even better about completing a full hour or a full day of 20% activity and you get paid!

So by now you realize that you can only focus on the 20% if you know what that is and why you’re doing it! So you must have a goal you want to accomplish. Know where you’re going!

Oh and the other nugget that will support your business exploding is this.

You have heard of paying yourself first right? In the financial sense we all agree that you pay yourself 10% first and out of that you take care of your expenses etc.

Well consider this, contribute to your income by paying yourself with 20% activity in your very 1st hour of the day.

That’s right. If you’re part time or full time in the business consider what you do through out the day relating to your business, (Now that you know what a 20% activity is) and start doing it the 1st hour of your business day.

The start of your business may be at 8 am or 10 pm it doesn’t matter. It’s the 1st hour of your business.

These are the secrets of the highly productive that most people aren’t aware of, simply because they either don’t seek it out or don’t know about it! (They also probably aren’t reading this article so share it with them!)

Think about this as we conclude.

Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile barrier but most people don’t realize he did it practicing only 35 minutes a day. That included the commute back and forth to the track too!

He had a goal, (to break the 4 minute mile record) a burning desire to accomplish it, work out partners to hold him accountable around the track and he focused only on the 20% activity that would get him his result.

He knew where he was going, how he was going to do it and he did it in 35 minutes a day because he focused only on the 20%.

Imagine the records we could set for our personal and financial lives in only one hour a day with this new found knowledge.

I see you itching to get after it already.