The Good and Bad of a Fused Fishing Line

When selecting a line for your basting reel, many people would consider a fused fishing line. Over the past few years, this has become one of the most popular fishing lines for both amateur anglers and deep sea fishermen. This type of fishing line has excellent features and comes with quality materials to help make a fishing experience a remarkable one even for novices.

Even though fused lines are almost identical to the braided fishing lines, there is a huge difference in the manufacturing method. Fused lines are created using several layers of microfilaments made up of polyethylene fibers that have been spun around with gel. These fibers are then combined together using heat or thermal energy. After that, the fibers are smeared with coating separately. This is performed in order to achieve a single line or strand and to have better strength for the product.

Those that already used the fused line for fishing will notice that the lines are thinner than most other types of lines. In addition to that, this type of baitcasting fishing reel provides a much better hook set. One advantage is the lines can only be cut by a sharp pair of scissors or a knife. They can also be seen in water because they have highly visible lines.

As mentioned, fused lines have enhanced strength and sensitivity. These characteristics alone make them one of the best fishing lines ever made particularly when baitcasting huge fish including northern pike and muskellunge. It is also easy to cast fused lines while providing limited stretch to allow the user to successfully fix the hook once the fish bites the bait.

Even though this is quite thin, it is guaranteed to be strong. There is also no problem even if it is really sunny while using this fishing line because this will not cause it to deteriorate unlike other fishing lines. This type also resists abrasion and even surpasses the abrasion endurance of a monofilament fishing line. It can handle weighty fish which is why it is perfect for any type of fishing activity. It is also easy to cast, controllable when using gear, and makes catching fish much easier as well.

Fused lines for fishing are not a perfect tool so they do come with some cons. According to the users, there is a huge chance hands will get injured by the line because this tends to slide on the reel spool. Injuries can also result because the lines are quite slick. Also, they can only be cut by a knife or a pair of scissors so it is almost imperative to bring a sharp tool whenever this fishing line is used. High visibility of the lines in water is also a disadvantage since fish can easily notice them.

Despite these flaws, the line remains to be one of the most used lines in the world. From line watchers to expert fishermen, this type of line is used to lure and catch the biggest and best fish.