The Grand Chandelier

Lights are mainly used to render brightness in our homes. However, they also serve as adornments inside the home. That is why they have been designed with different colors and they are used to highlight our surroundings and to present a specific mood and relaxing ambiance in every part of the house.

Big houses and not so big houses are decorated with ornamental hanging frames with branches for holding lights. These are called chandeliers. Chandeliers are lighting fixtures with candles or lights attached to a ceiling, and have glass festoons such as glass chains, prisms and drops. They have wonderful effects in the house. They make the home more brightly adorned and elegant.

Mansions or large, imposing homes usually have crystal chandeliers hanging in the ceilings. A crystal chandelier can create a tasteful manner and appearance for these magnificent houses. The light reflects on the crystal. The light reflected on the chandelier can bring brightness to the house. This is the main reason why it is fixed to a high ceiling.

A chandelier is a stylish addition to a front entrance or a dining room. It can help set the character of the dining room. It can also make the room sophisticated and grand. If you want to create a formal dining room, a crystal or a polished brass chandelier is good. However, to provide a more informal ambiance to the room, a chandelier with an antique look is a good choice. This can harmonize the colors in your room.

Installing a new chandelier can be done in a few simple steps using tools that you can find around your house. But just a reminder, a chandelier should be properly installed because otherwise, it can create a big crash and a terrible accident in the home. If you want to install a chandelier above a dining table, it should hang about 30 inches from the surface of the table to insure good illumination and safety; that no heads are bumped. A chandelier should be more or less 12 inches smaller than the width of the table.

Sometimes it is difficult to choose the right chandelier for your home. Its size is influenced by several factors. Consider the room where you want to put the chandelier, the style of the chandelier, and the amount of illumination that you need in the room.

A chandelier does not need frequent cleaning; however, it should be cleaned so that the light will not become dim. The problem is that it is somewhat difficult to clean. One thing is that it is located in a high ceiling. For some, it is a good way to clean it using a broom stick to remove dust. But this method is not very efficient. It can only remove spider webs but it will definitely not remove all the dirt. It is better to use water and mild soap to clean the pendants. Never ever use harsh chemicals for this can react with the soft metal.