The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the greatest natural wonders of the world stretching from the northern tip of Australia to just north of Bunderburg. Its coral reefs stretch over 2000km along

the eastern coast.

The reef is a sanctuary for well over 1000 fish varieties, 100s of mollusc varieties, whales, dolphins, dugongs and turtles. Many different types of birdlife can be found here.

The coral which forms the reef itself is also a living thing. When it dies it turns white. Different types of coral grow at varying speeds, while some are quite quick to grow, some take well over a hundred years to fully grow. There colors are by the growth of algae on it.

The reef lives in a tropical climate relying on warm shallow water to survive. Salty water and plenty of light is required to keep the coral healthy.

With hundreds of thousands of square miles of reef it is diving and snorkelling mecca. Access through diving tours are available from the mainland up and down the coast. Even if you don,t swim you can see the marvels of the reef through glass bottom boats.

The reef is heritage listed and vast areas are protected from fishing and removing coral from the reef is prohibited to preserve it for generations to come.