The Hand Held Chipping Hammer

It is so much easier to use lightweight equipment even when it is for a job that is heavy duty. This is true in the case of the chipping hammer. This tool, which is used to break concrete, no longer has to be the massive, heavy duty machines that we are used to seeing. They can instead be lightweight, hand held tools not much different in size from a nailer or heavy duty concrete drill. These hammers can be used on walls, ceilings or patio type surfaces. One of the benefits to having a hand held model is that those using them can be more accurate at what they are chipping away at instead of only being able to do large surfaces.

The hand held chippers can be run by several different means. They can be electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically powered. Most will weigh between five and thirty pounds depending on the model of chipping hammer and the purpose that it will be used for. The more powerful the tool the more it weighs. That means that the thirty pound chipper is more likely to be able to produce around three thousand blows per minute while a smaller model may produce only nine hundred blows during the same period.

Due to the increased popularity of the hand held chipping hammers manufacturers are equipping their models with more alternatives. They no longer perform just one function. They are now available with handles that will absorb the shock of the vibration. As well some of them come with heat shields while others are equipped with different rotating abilities. The bigger models of chippers frequently have another handle at the side of the machine. This gives the user the ability to get a better grip on the tool and so make it easier to use. This is particularly helpful with the large devices since holding thirty pounds of vibrating tool can be a difficult job. The average price for these is three to five hundred dollars.