The Hat Stand and Coat Rack

The words hat stand and coat rack are used interchangeably and historically they are pretty much the same thing, but technically there are differences.  The traditional hat stand or coat rack is a free standing base with a pole that resembles a tree with multiple limbs protruding from the pole.  Made popular in Victorian England, coat stands could be found in the foyer of prosperous homes throughout England at the time.  Having a piece of furniture that was just to hang your hat or coat on was considered a luxury during those depressed times and it grew in popularity in Europe and the United States through to the 1950’s.  After experiencing a bit of a decline in popularity and making some design transitions, the hat rack and/or coat stand has been making a comeback.

Hat stands and coat racks are made from a variety of materials, but traditionally and still the most popular material is wood.  Wood is strong and beautiful and can be used in a variety of design choices from traditional to modern.  The stand will typically stand about 5 feet tall and the base must be sturdy and heavy to support the weight of the items to be placed on it.  The difference between the two types may be small, but there is a difference.  A hat stand will have multiple short limbs stemming off the center pole.  These limbs will normally be arrayed from the top to the bottom of the stand.  A coat rack on the other hand will usually have longer limbs stemming from the center pole and they will be fewer than a hat stand and be arranged toward the top of the pole.  A coat stand will need to have a heavier base in order to support heavy coats.  Of course, most coat stands will also double as a hat stand and have a few shorter limbs at the very top to accommodate hats.

Regardless of your choice, you will need to have the room for one of these stands.  While they do not take up much space themselves, the items placed upon them will usually quadruple their bulk so you do need the space to accommodate one.  If you do not have the space, fear not, there are alternatives.  Many people go with a wall mounted coat rack or coat hooks.  These take up far less space and attach right to your wall so everyone has space for these type of racks.

Design choice is important and hat and coat stands come in many different styles to match any home decor.  From traditional to ultra modern, you can find a stand to fit your design needs and add some extra flair to your decor.  Prices can vary greatly depending on material used and quality, but finding a reasonably priced hat rack or coat stand is doable with a little research.