The History of Harley Shovelhead

The panhead is one of the older engines that Harleys used back in the past. Through time it was replaced by Harley shovelhead. This v-twin engine lasted from 1966 to 1984 and was powerful and air cooled. People just wanted a stronger and faster type of motorcycle. When riding a motorcycle or driving a car, you always have the need to drive faster and see what it’s capable of. With many modifications done to the motorcycle to meet customer satisfaction, Harley motorcycles have change a lot from when it was just released. It seems like businesses can’t satisfy every customer, so they go for what the majority wants and keeps it that way. Popular demand has been one of the best ways for businesses to make a lot of money.

With modern technology and upgrade everywhere there was no way that Harley Shovelhead would have lasted this long. There are just some things that aren’t made to be perfect and some things are always replaceable for the better. Although this engine had the power that many loved, the engine was just too heavy to control. At high speed the bike became unstable and hard to control. To fix this problem they had to come out with another engine that not only was powerful but also light. Most motorcycle itself is already heavy in weight and with a heavy engine makes it even more difficult for bikers to enjoy the ride. As far as speed goes, this will make the motorcycle unsafe if it’s hard to steer. When safety is a concern, people will do whatever it takes to make it safer.

Although the Harley Shovelhead lasted about 20 years, many people just wanted something better. There are some people who actually still use shovelhead today, because the still love the power. Since Harley stop making these type of engine, people are still trying to get a hold of one to bring back one of the most powerful engine during the time. With business it’s all about what the consumers want, so even though many opposed, they still had to make the change for the better. Currently the Harleys are using a twin cam engine which is more advanced than most engines. If you are a Harley fan than you definitely can’t forgot some of the older models and history of the Harleys. People are always trying to keep the classic motorcycles and keep that legacy alive.