The Hollon Republic Series PDO RG-16C Fireproof Gun Safe

For gun owners who have invested a significant amount of money in their gun collection the Hollon Safe Republic range of fireproof gun safes are designed and constructed to withstand burglary attacks and protect valuable weapons in the unfortunate event of a fire. With the capacity to hold sixteen long guns and extra storage options using the pocket door organizer the PDO RG-16C Republican Series fireproof gun safe meets and surpasses the construction specifications for a true burglary and fire resistant gun cabinet. The PDO RG-16C may be the smallest of the Hollon Republic series of fireproof gun safes but still boasts all the refinements of it’s bigger brothers.

Two layers of fireboard provide one-inch thick fire protection for the safe’s body and three layers one and a half inches are used in the construction of the door. The safe is Torch Resistant Fire Rated for one-hour fireproof protection at 1250 degrees Fahrenheit. To ensure weapons secured in the RG-16 gun safe are protected from water and smoke damage in the event of a fire, the safe door has a heat activated intumescent door seal designed to seal out smoke and water.

To protect the gun cabinet from being pried open the five-inch thick door has 1/4″ (3 gauge) solid steel plate added to the entire door plus drill/ballistic armored hard plate to protect the lock. Additionally, the construction of the PDO RG-16 gun safes door includes seven (7) active steel 1 1/2″ locking bolts and three (3) 1 1/2″ fixed locking bolts on the hinged side. All the locking bolts are chrome plated solid steel. To prevent punch attacks the RG16 has an active spring-loaded re-locker. The high quality construction of the door is complimented by the steel construction of the safe’s body which is made of 9 gauge seamless steel.

The PRO RG-16 gun safe comes with external hinges that allow the safe door to open a full 180 degrees and when maintenance is required the door can easily be removed. Some experts argue that external hinges make the safe easier for burglars to break open. This is only the case where the safe has no locking bolts on the hinge side. This gun cabinet comes with and three (3) 1 1/2″ fixed locking bolts on the hinged side. Even when the hinges are completely removed the door remains securely in place.

The heavy duty steel construction of the safe gives it a weight of four hundred pounds (400 lbs) unloaded. While this is heavy it is not that heavy that professional thieves cannot remove it. To prevent the safe being taken off site pre-drilled anchor holes allow the gun safe to be bolted into position making it impossible for thieves to make off with the safe.

To store weapons without being damaged the interior of the RG16 gun safe has four removable shelves, three small adjustable shelves and one full length adjustable shelf, and is finished in a soft plush tan trim.