The House That Feng Shui Built

Building a home is an exciting time. It gives you the chance to create every-thing you want in a living space. But when you want to have a new home and good feng shui, where are your priorities? Should it be the house plan or where you place the rooms? The lot or the style of home? This will get you started…

Start at the ground first

The lot that you build on is so important that you should spend as much time trying to find the right location to build as you do on the details of the plan. Why? Well, in feng shui, environmental chi is the single greatest influencer of the feng shui of your home — far and away more important than where you place a windchime or the kitchen. That’s why taking the time to find just the right spot is so important.

In short, if you have the “perfectly feng shui” houseplan, all it goes to waste if you have a serious flaw with your lot. Flaws like a hillside that falls away at the rear is one of those flaws. Or, if you have a street that makes a T-intersection with your house, you’ll never know what’s going to hit you (both in feng shui and literally). One woman I know woke up with a car in her bedroom with one of these arrangements, and the family was always dodging one problem after another.

Ideally, you should have a lot with a slight rise at the back, a gentle slope on the left (as you look out from the house), and an open area in front. This is called the armchair position and denotes the best placement. Take your time finding the right lot to build on; it’s a critical decision.

Get a regular plan

Selecting an auspicious and harmonious plan is Step 2 in your quest to build the perfect house. Houseplans that feature odd shapes, like Z’s, T’s, U’s, and H’s are difficult. A fairly square or rectangular plan is the best bet. Of course, a perfect square is a perfect bore, but do make sure important corners aren’t missing and try to make your home as regular as possible. As much as possible avoid home floorplans that have large holes or cut-outs, such as center courtyards, as you will be missing very important health, wealth, and relationship energy. Double that if you have plants here.

Use the Five Elements Theory

The Five Elements are such an important part of feng shui that it is well worth your time to memorize them. The reason they are so important is that knowing how they work will help you create a harmonious home. For instance, if your house faces an earth direction (southwest or northeast), having a rock facade or brick home is an excellent way to harmonize your home.

Or, maybe your home faces west or northwest. Again, a home with stone features would be beneficial because the northwest and west (metal directions) are made from earth. If your home faces north (the water element), having a home with metal trim or iron work is an excellent idea because metal makes water. This is just one of the uses of five element theory, but it’s an important one to consider when you are building a home.

Likewise, if your home faces an earth direction (SW, NE), you don’t want a heavy wood element, like a log style home because this can cause low vitality for everyone in the house. Harmonize your home by using the elements that are associated with the direction your home will face, or using the elements that “make” your home’s facing direction element, i.e., a wood home for a home facing south (east/wood feeds fire/south).

Use personal feng shui

One of the greatest things you can do is to use personal feng shui to optimize the energy of your home. For instance, if according to your kua number, the Southwest is your success direction, then putting your home office, bedroom, or front door in this sector will benefit you enormously. Likewise, if the east is your total loss direction, consider putting your kitchen or bathroom here to hold down the negative energy that this area might give you.

Whose directions do you go by when you want to use personal feng shui this way? Always use the breadwinner’s personal best directions. It may be old fashioned, but the feng shui support should go to the one person who is supporting everyone else.

Don’t waste an opportunity to make your home the very best, most productive, and beautiful place it can be. Use feng shui so that your home can truly be the home of your dreams.