The HUGE Advantage of Being a "Shy Guy"

Shyness can be overcome..or said the other way around… confidence can be learned. But shyness isn’t easy to learn isn’t it?

Honestly…have you ever found a guy that has always been “confident” and actually gets what a shy person is going through?

Ok, so what’s my point? Surely nobody has ever tried to be shy right? Here is why the above is important for you if you are a shy guy!

Women love to be understood on a deeper level.

They love it if you “get” them and can intuitively make them feel comfortable. It’s called “empathy”. (in fact I lied: everyone loves to be understood on a deep level…but women especially often find that guys are not “getting” them)

So do you think that there are many women that are shy? Women who are beautiful inside and out? You bet. Millions.

So when those women want a boyfriend…

Do you think those “naturally confident guys” who have never really experienced shyness or introversion.. GET them? Often they don’t.

Often they even overlook them.

They just see a “shy” girl..someone “without a sense of humour” who isn’t “fun” to be around and then they either don’t talk to them or find them difficult to understand..or they get frustrated because all the things they do that sometimes used to work with the extrovert girls don’t work with this girl…

Why? Because those guys are looking at the girl from the outside judging her intuitively as “boring” or “tricky” and don’t have much empathy. They don’t GET them.. because they haven’t shared their experience. Or when they try to “chat them up” they are hitting a brick wall because they never get close to creating any rapport with the girl.

So those girls who are shy or introvert by nature are literally begging to be “found” by someone who “gets” them rather than judges them. And you know what? Still waters run deep. Shy girls can be amazing when they open up. They can be amazing to be in relationships with once they trust you.

So being a shy guy who has learned to be confident enough to be striking up a conversation without bullshit or acting, who is confident enough to have a relaxed conversation on a date and make a girl comfortable and who has empathy will be a gift to those girls! And will have a HUGE advantage over those loud “confident” types.

Only thing is: You have got to be able to deal with your shyness and manage to stay “operational”. With that I mean you have got to be able to stop your nerves or shyness from ruining your dates (and from blocking your natural empathy to express itself)..

If you want to know how to do that visit my website and download the “The Shy Guy’s Guide To Getting Girls Part 1-How to Stop Dating Nerves”, learn the Shy Stop Switch and learn to switch off your nerves and shyness in 1 min. Even if your “inner shy guy” is telling you right now that that isn’t possible. But just trust me. I have been there. And now I am teaching this technique to guys like you and me.

To the power of being a “shy” guy!

I see you over there..