The Human Instincts

The gambling instinct is in every man or woman. All through the ages, people have put a bet on the winners of a cock fight a sword fight, a boxing match, a wrestling match, or any other tyupe of a fight or a match or a horse race.

It has been my experience that the winners have mostly pronounced instincts or hunches about a certain would-be winner. They seem to have a certain system of their own that they use at every occasion. In a gambling casino, people have a variety of coices. Mostly people lose and the house wins.

When it comes to taking chances with life's gamble, things become rather complicated because other people get involved. And each person has a different personality. We need totally a different kind of stragety to win in life's gable.

Some of the factors involved are (1) much money is at stake (2) for how long (3) the number of people handling a project (4) the main aim of the project (money, preestige, gratification of a desire, realization of a dream or a burning desire to become famous or be recognized in society.

Having observed our main aim, we now have to proceed step-by-step to bring to a successful conclusion the project undertaken. All this will involve persistence, hard work, risk of financial loss, dedication, time, money, resources and the like.