The Humminbird Fishin Buddy 140c Color Fish Finder Tips

The Humminbird Fishin’ Buddy 140C Fish Finder is a portable, color fish finder with Downlooking and SideFinder Sonar capabilities. The Downlooking sonar sends sound waves from the bottom of the transducer into the water that is directly below the transducer. The SideFinder sonar projects sound waves from the flat side of the transducer housing at the bottom of the transducer shaft. The SideFinder sonar is able to see fish to the site of your boat and allows you to scan for fish where you cast. A regular depth finder would not allow you to see these fish.

The Downlooking sonar function uses a 200 kHz beam which provides a 34 degree cone angle. The Sidelooking function has a 455 kHz beam which provides a 10 degree cone angle. The bottom surface is best seen when the downlooking functionality is engaged solely, but some bottom definition is obtainable when the sidelooking beam is engaged.

When the 140C Fishin Buddy is in use it is best to travel at slow, trolling speeds. This model can be damaged at high speeds and also if it is knocked against the bottom or submerged objects. The owner should use lower boat speeds while operating the fish finder. While the boat is moving the 140C Fishin Buddy will show variations in bottom composition, submerged objects, fish, bait fish and thermoclines so that you are able to see where to cast.

Getting Started with the Fishin Buddy 140C

Getting started with your new fishinbuddy fish finder is easy. There are 6 simple steps that are outlined in detail in the owner’s manual. The steps will be touched on briefly in this article. For complete directions please see the owner’s manual.

The 6 Steps

  1. Attaching the Directional Handle
  2. Installing the Batteries
  3. Attaching the Control Head to the Fishin Buddy
  4. Connecting the Cables to the Control Head
  5. Assembling and Attaching the Fishin Buddy Bracket to the Boat
  6. Mounting the Fishin Buddy

Step 1

Attaching the Directional Handle is simple. Merely screw the directional handle into the socket provided. That’s it!

Step 2

The Fishin Buddy requires 6 AA batteries (not included). It is simple to place them into the battery pack and the manual describes this step in detail.

Step 3

The next step is to install the control head onto the FishinBuddy. The owner’s manual includes detailed steps and diagrams to accomplish this task quickly and simply.

Step 4

Next attach the cables to the control head using the keyed connectors on the back of the control head. The owner’s manual includes a diagram of this step.

Step 5

The next step is to attach the mounting bracket to the boat. In this step you have two options. You may either use the C Clamp to mount the bracket temporarily thereby allowing you to use the Fishin Buddy on multiple boats or you can use the permanent mounting slots to bolt the bracket to the boat. The choice is yours to make.

Step 6

The last step is to mount the FishinBuddy on the bracket. To mount the unit, slide the unit’s shaft into the mounting bracket support arm. Then adjust the fish finder as needed. You can adjust the shaft to make it the length needed anywhere from 24 inches to 40 inches. Now all you have to do is go fishing and catch some fish.

The 140C Fishin Buddy is a great fish finder. It is affordable and easy to use. The controls are simple and its features will definitely help any fisherman to find more fish. This model is especially good in shallow water and is a great way for more novice fishermen to get their feet wet with a simple to use fish finder. Once you become more experienced then you can upgrade.

Have fun catching fish!