The Importance of a Floor Plan

Before beginning any decorating job, you must think about the available space you have to decorate in. You’ll want to measure out the space and write it down. Then you will want to create a basic floor plan on a sheet of paper with the measurements on there. That way you know what fits where before you move it.

It is important to have a floor plan since it provides you with something concrete to look at and work with. It also offers you a way to experiment and try different things without having to move all the furniture around or waste money on purchases you don’t need or won’t fit.

Having an accurate plan will also help you buy the right amount of carpet, paint and other materials so you won’t waste money on too much or have to go back for more.

It’s also wise to have a floor plan so the decorating goes smoothly and looks good in the end. Many people who don’t do a plan end up with sloppy, uncoordinated results.

Measurements you want to include in the plan are each side of the floor, where the windows are located, height of the room and where the doors are located. These measurements will be especially helpful in purchasing flooring and paint.

You will also want to include the measurements of any furniture you will or want to include in the room. This will help you when you go to buy the rest of the furnishings for this room.

Once you have the floor plan done you are ready to go out and shop for the materials. If you are looking to save money then most people will tell you to go to Walmart. However, I have found local hardware stores to be the same price and offer a wider selection and that’s where I go for materials. Where ever you go just make sure you don’t forget to take your floor plan with you.