The Importance of Filter Maintenance for Home and Business

When it comes to your home or business, there are three things you should always strive to save: time, money, and resources. By making sure your filters are well maintained, you can achieve all three. While there are disposable filters on the market, it is better to get filters that are reusable and have them professionally cleaned. A professional cleaning is often more thorough, and can increase the life of a filter, which means less frequent replacement, and lower overall cost to your business.

There are several different types of filtration processes that may apply to you, depending on your business. In addition to chemical filtration, there is also industrial, woodworking, concrete, as well as human and pet food filtration systems that a professional filter cleaner can assist with.

Chemical Filtration

Businesses that produce chemicals are under high levels of scrutiny to keep their operations environmentally safe while continuing to meet an increasing demand for their product. The key to accomplish this is through proper filtration. Companies that do not achieve these goals not only risk making a negative effect on the environment, but also hurt their public image.

Some of the most effective chemical filters are made from polyester, Nomex, needed Ryton, p84, PTFE, and Teflon. Professional cleaning processes are designed to maintain the integrity of these materials. When these filters last longer, it prevails potentially useful filters from being sent to the landfill before their time, and saves you money.

Industrial Manufacturing

The manufacturing process can leave a lot of unwanted things behind. Filters fill up with black carbon residue, animal fat, heavy metals, and more. Whether your filter is made from polyester, nanofiber, or even covered or paper filters, a professional filter cleaning company will be up for the challenge.

Woodworking Filters

Filtering a woodworking bag is a top challenge, and that may be part of the reason why is one of the most often asked to clean. Pitch especially presents a big problem, one that many wood workers respond to by tossing the bag. But when these bags are effectively cleaned, the can be re-used a half dozen times. Custom made filters are the most efficient, and a good professional filter cleaning and manufacturing company can develop these to suit your needs.

Concrete / Asphalt

The price of asphalt and concrete filters can add up very quickly. Asphalt filters run as high as $ 60 each, and using 600 filters in a collector is not uncommon. When hydrocarbons build up inside these bags, airflow is restricted and production is reduced. Especially before winter sets in, it is a good idea to check filters to make sure they are still in good working order.

If a concrete filter is not working like it should because it needs to be cleaned, a filter cleaning pro can get it working like new. Between the money saved from not having to replace the filter, and its greater efficiency, the money you save will be well worth any expense you might incur from professional cleaning.

Food Filters

If you manufacture food, whether for human or pet consumption, keeping your product clear of any potential dangerous substances is especially important. Increased regulations have led to more recalls in both the human and pet industries, and quality checks that were once more relaxed for pet food are now held to the highest standards. By assuring that filters are clean and working properly, you not only insure that your products are safe for your customers, but also prevent the loss of money that comes from reduced product output or public relations problems in the event of a recall.

Whether you mix chemicals, concrete, or pet food, contact a professional filter cleaner to find out how to make your process as environmentally friendly and cost effective as possible.