The Importance of Having Your Panel Directory Labeled

Global warming has made Atlanta summers turn warmer and has made many tenants opt for ceiling fan installation, but due to unlabeled panel directories, many homeowners pay extra money to Atlanta electricians in order to locate the right circuit to make the necessary modifications for ceiling fan installations .

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) also recommends the labeling of panel directories, as this could act as a perfect road map to direct you to shut down the right circuit breaker in case a fire breaks out.

A correctly labeled directory can be a circuitry map of your home and will give you complete knowledge about the circuitry wiring. Just like a Global Positioning System (GPS) helps you find your way when you are stuck in a maze of roads, a labeled panel directory would help you clearly understand the complex wiring system in your home and direct you to the correct circuit breaker to switch it off in case someone is getting electrocuted.

Panel directory labeling will not only make a new install of any additional electrical installations easier, but would also consider reduce the time and effort to make electrical repairs in your home.

To get your directory labeled, you will need a floor plan of your home. Enlist the help of your friend or family member to correctly mark the different circuit breakers by logically numbered each electrical circuit in your home.

Your mind will obviously be clouded with doubts as to whether you should actually go through all this trouble to get your panel directory labeled. Well, here are some additional benefits of having your panel directory labeled properly:

  • Make things easy: Panel labeling makes it easy for an electrician to work in your home. Electricians are be able to trace your electrical circuit efficiently and will be able to make repairs or additions in your electrical system in less time.
  • Makes you more knowledgeable: When creating your electrical map or labeling your panel directory, you will have a better insight about the different circuits that are operating the different rooms in your and your appliances.
  • Makes you pass home inspections with flying colors: Panel directory labeling has become necessary in newly constructed residential and commercial buildings. In fact, an electrical inspector will not approve of a final electrical inspection in Atlanta, Georgia until the panel directory has been properly labeled.
  • Makes life easier for reselling your home: More and more today a directory that is not labeled is showing up on a home inspectors list as a violation. In fact, home inspectors are requesting that an electrician be hired to correct this violation before the home is sold.

Label your directory to save money on electrical repairs and installations to make your home a safer place.