The Importance of Ratchet Wrenches

We are all familiar of the tools that are found in our homes. There are a lot of tools that we use and need for fixing something that is broken. These tools are very handy when it comes to tightening or loosening something like nuts or bolts. One of those very important tools is the ratchet wrenches. They are specially designed tools that help technicians for loosening and tightening nuts or bolts that a common wrench or pliers cannot reach or work on.

The advantage of having these is that, it has several important parts which include an extender arm, adopters, removable joints, and of course, removable socket of different sizes that fit into nuts or bolts of corresponding sizes. Aside from that, this kind of wrench makes it easy to tighten or loosen any nut through reverse movements without removing the wrench from the nut because it consists of the ratcheting mechanism.

Another feature that this ratchet wrenches have is it has a square fitting that could be attached with the ratchet that fits on the required nut or bolt needed. To make sure that it would hold tight on the socket, it has a mechanism spring-loaded ball. But the most important features of these are the universal and the adopters. These two play a very important role. Universal joints have the feature of two joints that are capable of bending almost 90 degrees so that the wrench could actually reach any corner and move into any direction. Adopters are very important since it’s the one used to fit sockets and the one who link one drive size to another drive size.

Aside from ratchet wrenches, there are also a lot of different other wrenches used for different purposes. Here are the common, most used and important wrenches; ratchet open-ed geared wrench, impact ratchet wrench, inline ratchet wrench, air ratchet wrench, flex ratchet and several others. These are all important wrenches which are used to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts of different sizes having different mechanisms to do the job.

The good thing about ratchet wrenches is that it usually is used in some tight corner or narrow space where other common wrenches cannot reach because it is impossible to move a wrench to tighten and loosen nuts or bolts. That’s why you need these kinds of wrenches for this purpose. There are no other wrenches that could do this for you.