The Importance Of Stair Banisters

Stair banisters are basically hand railings placed on staircases for the purpose of hand support when going up or down the stairs. Whether you are having a new house made or you just want to remodel your entire house and you have decided to include the staircase, you should focus on the kind of material and design that you want for it. A well-decorated staircase can add that extra something to your home to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Banisters are actually a requirement for buildings, as it serves as an added security measure. For houses, stair banisters are installed for both security and aesthetic reasons. Most stair parts are made of wood, although there are also some made from stone and different kinds of metals. The material you choose should depend entirely on the overall theme of your home. If you have a large area surrounding your staircase, then stone or marble would not be such a bad idea. This kind of material is typically used for mansions and very large houses. However, most people these days prefer to use wood because it is lightweight and it comes in many different options.

You can also choose to use wrought iron for your stair banister. It really all depends on your preferences and the overall interior design theme of your home. Stair handrails are imperative if you have children in your home. You should also make it a point to add balusters, not only to make your staircase look much nicer but to ensure that your children are kept safe. Without adding these safety features, the risk of falling off the stairs straight to the bottom is significantly increased.

If you want your staircase to be the focal point of your home, especially when you have visitors, then you should invest in well-designed and durable stair banisters. Whether you have a grand circular staircase or you just have a straight staircase, you are sure to find banisters that are perfect for it. Aside from choosing the material and the design, you should also pay attention to its thickness. Thin banisters offer better hand grip because it comes in the right size where the thicker variety can be harder to grip. Regardless of the thickness you choose, the important thing is that you have support when going up and down the staircase.

Another aspect that you should pay attention to should be the end of your stair banisters, as this can be a safety hazard if not installed properly. It would be best to add a smooth end, like a round circular support, especially if you have kids. Sharp ends can lead to terrible accidents. The color of your hand railing does not necessarily have to blend with your staircase, as a little contrast is nice. Some homeowners with light-colored staircases choose a darker color for their banisters for aesthetic reasons.

Your staircase can be made of wood and you can still work with wrought iron when it comes to your stair banisters. With the number of options made available to you, you are sure to find banisters with the design, material and color of your choice.