The Important Benefits of Using Slate in Your Basement

If you are looking for a durable and beautiful way to finish your foundation, but are worried about the mold and water level problems that can arise in this space, natural slate may be the perfect building material for you. Found and quarried in mountains around the world, this layered stone has been used in architectural designs for millennia. Highly durable, and available in a variety of colors, slate has several properties which allow it to avoid the problems other materials will run into many basics, without sacrificing the beauty and color that you deserve in your space.

The water table is the level underground, below which the soil is completely Saturated.

In some places the water table will be extremely low, while in others, such as swamps or islands, it may be almost at ground level. The level of the water can change due to wet or dry weather, and can in some circumstances rise above the floor of your basement, flooding your subterranean refuge. If you are located in an area where this is a common event, or even one in which severe weather can potentially cause this to happen, then you are limited by the building materials you can use in your basement. This is an important matter to consider when planning your foundation, as some applications such as wood or carpet flooring can be completely destroyed by a single flood event.

Slate is naturally resistant to the problems of mold and warping that are caused by wet environments. This durability can be enhanced with a few simple conclusions such as the application of a chemical sealer which will clog the pores of the stone, making them impervious to water infiltration. You also have the option of reapplying these chemical sealants on a yearly basis in order to preserve the original colors in the stone, although it is usually not necessary. Slate tend to take care of itself, and last very well on its own, even when subject to repeated floods.

Aside from its natural resistance, slate also has stylistic properties that make it desirable in this kind of environment. The appearance of natural stone fits very well into most basement environments, contrasting dark and often rustic interiors with a material that is stark and primitive in its innate beauty. Slate has a power to it, an inner strength which allows it to cooperate with and enhance the existing style in most basement designs.

Further, slate is available in a wide variety of colors, and can even be multicolored. This occurs when the various layers that make up the material form in different hues, which then contend with one another in the surface of the stone, often creating wild and vibrant, typically occurring displays of color. The chaos of this formation makes every piece of multicolored slate different from every other, and gives you more then a palette, but a whole arsenal of unique portraits with which to design your space.

The durability and resilience to moisture which is a trademark of slate makes it the perfect match for basement flooring and construction. These properties are important when working with a space that may be prone to occasional or regular flooding. However precautions do not have to come at the expensive of appearance, as slate is available in a wide variety of colors and multicolor, which give you the freedom to create a look which is entirely unique to you.