The Inglesina Classica Pram Review

Traditional and romantic, its distinct English style and appearance put the Inglesina Classica in its own unique class.

The lnglesina Classica Pram is a nostalgic throwback to the days of Victorian London and stands out as symbol of luxury and class in the baby carriage world.

The Classica definitely is a piece of art. It’s solidly constructed from wood and adorned with fine fabric. The interior fabric of the pram is exquisite and machine washable.

The lining is a beautiful and plush material. The mattress is thin and covered with a soft fabric. The back easily adjusts from flat to three raised positions. Perfect for that little one eager to view the world.

Inglesina Classica Features:

  • Classic English style chassis with chrome leaf springs.
  • Extremely detail oriented manufacturing by skilled craftsmen.
  • Elegant chrome hinges on the hood easy opening and closing.
  • Matching chromium plated side handles to make transport easier.
  • Made in Inglesina tradition using natural materials and wood.
  • Delicate privacy curtain.
  • Refined fabric embroidery on cot sides.
  • Removable interior lining is hand or machine washable.
  • Adjustable backrest has 3 reclining positions, plus lays flat.
  • Matching diaper bag included.

Inglesina Pram Packages

Premium Package

The premium Inglesiana Classica package, is designed for use with newborns up to three years old.

The components included with Inglesina Classica Premium Package are:

  • Bassinet
  • Classica Stroller Seat
  • Balestrino Frame
  • Diaper Bag.

Not for everyone, the Classica was designed for those parents who want a distinctive family heirloom, that can be kept and admired for generations.

A supplemental stroller seat that has a hood is added, converting the Classica pram to an elegant toddler stroller as your child grows.

The stroller seat that is part pf the premium package can be adjusted to four different angles including flat, accommodating your child from any position. Your baby can face either you or the world, in the most elegant fashion. The seat can also be either forward-facing or your child can face you while riding in elegant style.

A storage pocket is conveniently located on each side of the stroller, and a color coordinated footmuff is included that will keep your child warm in the colder months.

The curved chrome plated steel handle has real leather padding and convenient hooks to carry the matching diaper bag that is included with the bassinet.

Newborn Inglesina Package

The Classica package that is recommended by Inglesina for use for infants from birth to six months old consists of the Inglesina Bassinet, a Balestrino frame, Diaper Bag and Raincover.

Baby & Toddler Package

This is the recommended package to be used from 6 to 36 months. It includes the Inglesina Stroller Seat and the Balestrino frame.

Similar to the Premium package (without the Bassinet), this particular combination is not available in the USA, but can be easily created by purchasing each component separately.

Summary Of The Inglesina Classica Pram

Simply stated, the Inglesina Classica Pram is by no means a modern day stroller with all the modern features and amenities. It is refined, symbolic and old fashioned. It’s quite plush and constructed using only the finest materials available.

Modernizing the Inglesina Classica would completely destroy its image. However when you compare its features to those of a more modern stroller, there are some drawbacks.

The Classica is built more for luxury than convenience. It is heavy and not really high tech. It does not fold up easily, which makes it difficult to transport. It will break down and fit in your car’s trunk, but it takes about twice as long to do this than with a lighter more modern stroller.

It does not have wheels that pivot, so turning and maneuverability is not the best. You will find yourself lifting the rear wheels often to turn or lift the carriage up over a curb or step. It offers a rough ride over bumpy terrain, but it moves smoothly when walking on level ground and pavement. Better suspension and thicker seat padding would help smooth out the Classica’s ride.

However, if you are looking for graceful and elegant stroller that will turn heads, consider the Inglesina Classica.