The Inner-Workings of Proform Elliptical Machines

If your purpose for exercising is weight loss, a weight bearing exercise should be considered. Otherwise, you would need to exercise four times as long doing non-weight bearing exercises like swimming and bicycling which are not as efficient for weight loss programs. It would also take about as long to receive the same benefit of running or using an elliptical machine.

A Proform Elliptical machine is perhaps the best type of equipment you can exercise on. An elliptical provides a more complete workout than running or exercising on a treadmill and it is more comfortable due to lesser stress on the joints.

Proform Elliptical machines are a combination of stair climbers and cross-country ski machines. Your feet are on pedals that allow for your feet to move in an oval shaped motion. It is this range of motion is what makes it better on the joints as compared to running on a treadmill. Your hands also have handle bars to be grasped that can move back and forth providing for an upper body workout. Adding to that, the machine also has varying resistances against the movement of your arms and legs for a more challenging workout.

Apart from the varying resistance, Proform Elliptical machines, whether designed for home use or for commercial health clubs, also allow you to change the incline on the legs. This is an ideal feature to have to be able to workout the different muscle groups in the legs. In addition, the direction of the leg movement can also be reversed to be able to work out a different set of muscles. In other words, it is easy to get a complete body workout just by changing some machine settings.

What truly makes elliptical machines pass a treadmill is that it provides a weight-bearing exercise that helps you lose weight but at the same time helps protect the bones and joints with the stress associated with running on a treadmill. It also burns the same amount of calories in the same amount of time but with less perceived work exertion.

Basically, Proform Elliptical machines can give you the body that you want without you having to exert so much effort and suffer through pain. The machine is easy to use, provides a lot of benefits and even protects against bone and joint injury, all while giving you a full body workout to lose weight and achieve the body that you want and need.