The Inside Story Of Mass Scale Web Development

If, at any point in your life have you contemplated on the idea of ​​having a website for your business or your blog, chances are high that you have received an email, followed by a phone call from some random web designing and development company. Their marketing team pitches before you in an impressive accent and if you buy their sweet words and golden promises of delivering you best-in-class, fully customized websites, then God help you my dear friend.

Besides the big names engaged in mass scale web development, there are uncountable small and medium web development companies that have mushroomed in the last decade. Typically, they have a technical team consisting of mediocre web developers who might be twenty to two hundred in number. This group forms the nucleus of such companies and slog Heavily to meet the tight deadlines as well as client expectations, whereas on the other side the marketing team toils 24×7 to bring projects and keep the company alive.

Everyone does their job according to their best abilities; there is no harm in that. But there is a small problem – the marketing team, being unaware of the technical nitty-gritty, making alluring promises of low cost web development to their clients to achieve their sales goals. Common people shelling out cold cash expecting that soon they will be stars in the world of the internet, faces the grim reality in no time. The picture is not that rosy as it looks to be.

Typically, the technical team of such a web designing company has two options in such situations – to deliver low quality websites in order to keep the project within the budget and deliver it on time or, to insure the client to increase its budget and timeframe because it is humanely not able to deliver the stuff that the client expects within the constraints that were agreed upon by the client while discussing the matter with their very own marketing team. Often, promoter (s) of such companies turns a blind eye to the reality and runs behind those elusive 'get rich quick' schemes at the cost of reputation of their companies, because they believe that there will be enough fools in this world to carry on with their business till eternity.

In such chaotic situations which are nothing short of a mess, the web designers and developers choose the easy route – the one that compels them to take short-cuts. They copy website templates from here and there, do some minor changes and a few lines of coding and for the rest, use previous codes in the form of modules to integrate together and give shape to a website. The client gets tired of endless arguments which keep on running in loops without yielding any substantial improvement and subverts to the developers who brainwashes him by using jargons. This saga keeps on repeating day after day, until the developers get fed up doing doing nonsense to keep the flag of low cost web development fluttering high and starts a web designing company. In fact, there are some really good, honest and genuine web development companies that values ​​ingenuity, authenticity and creativity. If you need one of them, this article contains enough clues to get one. You just need to follow your intuition!