The Insider’s Guide to Drainage Surveys

You need to take care of almost everything and properly inspect things from time to time. This even holds true for the drainage system. We all know that drainage issues can impact household. If you ignore leakage of drains, then it might lead to structural problems later. The greater impact of it can lead to surface flooding. Therefore, it is mandatory to inspect the drains for which CCTV cameras can help you a lot. Since, you cannot reach the underground; the cameras can easily detect the problems and give you exact details of the same.

Let us take a look at the aspects of CCTV and how it can help you.

1. Homeowners can now easily afford CCTV surveys.

2. It helps you to find problems hidden above the ground.

3. This is a very preventative and effective maintenance program

4. You do not need to dig holes

5. You can fit it in drains, pipes, sewers and other places too.

6. There is little hassle when you fit the cameras at such critical places

7. You must place it in a way such that the camera does not get affected with water. The CCTV cameras are not intelligent enough to understand whether the drainage is leaky or watertight

8. Various commercial enterprises use these devices

9. It is better to get advice from your drainage contractor

10. If you are planning to buy a new house or property, then you can definitely use these devices for future safety.

The following are the various characteristics of the camera. Some of them are:

1. They are high-resolution color cameras

2. You can immerse them and fit them in pipes up to 6m in length and the diameter between 25mm to 100mm.

3. The cameras have centralizing brushes. This helps to give you great picture clarity

4. You can conduct video recording as well as external monitoring

5. These cameras are mostly water-resistant if not otherwise

6. The coil of the camera is of cast aluminum so that the user does not have much trouble in maintaining it.

7. When the manufacturers ship these cameras, they do it in a robust and custom-built packing case.

8. The cameras usually comply with operations in potentially explosive environment

Thus, with a CCTV camera, you can easily solve a lot of problems related to drainage and sewage. It helps you to have a comprehensive survey and find the problem and find a solution. You must hire proper drainage contractors who can rightly guide in this regard.