The Intercessory Army Vision

I saw a vast army of women walking with resolve determination on their faces. They were 10 to 15 women wide in a very long line. They were not quite marching but walking firmly and covering quite a bit of ground. I approached one of the women and said: "I would like to honor you for your work as an intercessory army." The woman I approached seemed to be in her 50's but she just looked at me with a very stern and resolute face. She did not say anything with words but communicated almost fiercely "This is not a time to receive honor or give honor.

They approached what appeared to have once been a magnificent complex training and deployment grounds. It was surrounded by a vast iron barred fence and powerful gates. The fence and gates, however, were now bent and leaning over in places with weeds and ivy covering vast portions. The iron-barred gates were ajar and leaving and the army just marched in.

You could see what were once magnificent buildings were now in much neglect and beginning to show even structural failure. There were scores and scores of these buildings each one magnificent in their day and definitely different from each other. Coming from these buildings were old, thin and emaciated women with white hair and wrinkled faces. They walked very feebly but came right towards this army of intercessors to welcome them.

Then suddenly between the old women and the intercessors lay a long and wide pond of black gooey tar. It was clear that this black tar is what had kept others from gaining entrance to what was once the "University of Intercessors"!

Clearly, there had been other armies that had come to revive this University who had gotten through the gates only to be engulfed in the black tar pits and were swallowed up before they could accomplish their mission. I want to ask you a question. What do you think these tar pits that have kept God's intercessory army from reclaiming their magnificent training and deployment center represent? More importantly, how can we avoid them?