The Inventor of The Outhouse

Defecation was said to be an arbitrary act during the ancient times. Speaking of who invented the outhouse, it began with the fact that feces are excreted anywhere they like, often seen in the forest. Nevertheless, when the realization of privacy hit the minds of most individuals, they began doing it in isolation, such as caves or any close-up areas. Perhaps these are the crudest forms of outhouse, similar to the time when man learned about dressing up.

However, in time, due to the difficult availability of latrine caves, human evolved to digging holes and refilling them with soil for reuse by others. When the hole achieved its maximum usage, they dug another hole and continued the process. Outhouse inventor initially kicked off when humans began living in constructed shelters like wood and stone instead of loitering around. Community ideation propagated and caves no longer served for human defecation’s. That was when men were inspired of having a special space for their private affairs.

It was said that the man who invented the outhouse originated from China as proven by the initial record of the water closet system. As early as 206 B.C., the stone toilet bowl combined with a water system was witnessed there. Therefore, people got to the conclusion that it could likely be a Chinese who came up with the construction of latrine. Outhouses have also been seen in Europe, probably some 500 years ago. In fact, it has also been rumored that a European was the first to invent the outhouse.

It is never easy to pinpoint an exact man as the outhouse inventor but it is certainly a wonder why outhouse was used instead of any other terms. This is because defecation was named an unhygienic affair hence they roofed a special cubicle away from their houses, possibly about seven feet tall and three by five feet in space. It is a closed cubicle with no windows and there lies a hole on the center of the floor to catch waste. Inside the hole was a tin bowl that should be replaced every morning. As such, the figurative name “outhouse” came to be applied.