The Juliet Balcony

So famous is the scene that it actually became a part of accepted architecture both here in and Europe. A Juliet balcony is a small (usually very small, just big enough to fit one or two people) balcony that extends from a particular room in the house, often a bedroom.

A Juliet balcony is not intended to be a venue for barbecues or outdoor parties but instead a small extension into the outdoors that provides a quiet retreat for reading or merely admiring the scenery (or conversing with one's tormented lover if that's your thing). It is also a great way to bring the outdoors inside.

A balcony like this one is not hard for a good remodeling contractor or builder to construct nor is it the most expensive undertaking in the world. Adding a Juliet balcony can significantly add to your home's appeal and value, especially these days as it has become rather fashionable amongst the home buying set.

The average Juliet balcony is modeled after the one in the play – a short, narrow rectangle surrounded by some form of balustrade that is supported by plinths and opens almost immediately into the adjoining room through glass doors. There are plenty of variations though. Instead of stone balustrades, you could choose to install glass railing for a lighter, sleek appearance or make the sides from iron grates for an old world rustic and romantic look.

Whatever you decide your balcony addition will look like when it is finished obviously the most important thing is that it is well constructed. Take the time to find a pro who has experience in building these kinds of additions (not all of them are, even if they are used to building more traditional decks or porches) and can show you examples of their previous work. After all, nothing will kill that romantic balcony moment faster than the whole thing collapsing to the ground because something was just not done the right way.