The Keys to Body Language Attraction – What to Look For

How can you tell if someone is interested in you? Are there specific body language attraction signals that will tell you if someone is into you? What should you be looking for with body language attraction?

Body language can be very confusing, but if you know what to look for, then you will know if a guy is into you. Keep reading for numerous tips on what to look for concerning body language attraction.

Lifted Shoulders

Lifting the shoulders is referred to as the cute response by biologists. This is actually one of the easiest signals to recognize and realize that someone else is attracted to you. It is actually almost a childlike move that suggests a softer side. Most of the time, the lifting of the shoulders is an involuntary response that will automatically put others at ease. When it comes to dating, it is a good signal that the other person wants to snuggle a little closer so there is no need to be shy.

Pigeon Toes

While this body language attraction motion does not seem very sexy, it actually suggests a lot of interest. This is because the person is subconsciously trying to make themselves smaller and therefore less of a threat. Pigeon toes will actually do the same thing that a smile does for the face. Both are signs that if you approach, you will not be turned away. On the other hand, it is best to stay away from someone who has the opposite posture of a military man at ease with his hands behind his back and feet spread apart.

Read Their Palms

Be sure to watch his hands to find out if he is interested in you. Body language attraction has a lot to do with if a person’s palms are up or down. If the palms are up, this is a sign of warmth and openness. However, if they are down, this means that they are not as open and trying to convey a point rather than being attracted to the person they are talking with.

The Forehead Bow

If the person you are talking with has a slight bow to their forehead, this means that they are interested in taking the relationship one step further. In fact, a complete bow of the head may mean that they have sex on their mind. The usual move, however, is a slight bow and looking up at the person across from them from the eyebrows. On the other hand, if a person tilts their head back and looks down at you, this is a sign of domination and a person who is not interested in love.


A simple way to let someone know that you are open and willing to be approached is a simple smile. It will instantly put other people at ease and convey warmth at the same time. In addition, a smile just looks better on someone than a pout the whole time which some think is sexy, but is really not.