The Lacanche Cooker – In a Class of Its Own

When you find an item that combines the two – a solid history with impeccable craftsmanship – then you know you’ve found something in a class of its own. In this case, the Lacanche range cooker: which marries more than 200 years of making with the kind of artisanship one normally associates with French wine making.

The Lacanche cooker is named for the village of Lacanche, a tiny settlement in the Burgundy region of France, where a family owned smithing and forging business has been making the appliances for more than 200 years. That’s an awfully long time to perfect anything – and the Lacanche is perfect, in every way. There has probably never been a cooker with so much style, such build quality and so much reliability: and all rolled into a quite staggeringly beautiful package too.

The Lacanche range cooker offers a selection of professional and semi professional features to its users. The original Lacanche cooker, or at least the modern original, was built entirely for professional use – which is why big name top French chefs are using them in their kitchens. The professional variant of the Lacanche is a whopping two and a half metres long, boasting two full 74 litre ovens for cooking, plus a specialty 84 litre simmering oven – and bristling with a fearsome array of hobs and burners for top cooking. Lacanche have basically just taken this tried and tested template and made it work for their smaller ovens: the domestic Lacanche range cooker is available in a normal home range size, or a compact size that is capable of fitting into spaces of 700mm wide or less. In every case, the Lacanche cooker uses the same forging quality and superb components to deliver cooking that makes meals look irresistible (and taste pretty good too).

Lacanche has successfully created a series of domestic cooking appliances that bring the right parts of the professional kitchen into the home. The wall mounted grill, for eye level grilling perfection; a selection of built in hobs to complement the range itself; and of course a range of excellent accessories, each one capable of making the Lacanche range cooker experience utterly perfect. Try out a griddle plate; a simmer plate; a professional quality roasting dish insert; a trivet; a wok ring; a pastry plate; and an oven dish crafted from the same fine irons as the Lacanche cooker itself. Cook for the masses with a twin oven, twin grill model or just raise the game of a standard sized home kitchen with a compact Lacanche. Every way you look at it, and every way you cook, there’s a certain something in these 200 year pedigree ranges that your average appliance just can’t match. The Lacanche range cooker is that rare item indeed: the ultimate example of its own class. Happy cooking.