The Land of the Rising Sun – Sites I Enjoyed

The Land of the Rising Sun has never failed to live up to its name. With its moniker, Japan continues to rise on the horizon as it boasts of its vibrant cultural heritage which is a legacy bequeathed from ages long ago.

Japan has been raised around the world not only for being an epicenter of innovation in the East but also for its fascinating varied culture and beautiful tourist spots that continue to attract hordes of tourists.

It would not be an unusual sight to see hundreds of tourists scurrying like ants just to see the magnificence of Mt. Fuji. The world-renovated mountain is a symbol of Japan, and is the most photographed mountain in the world. The mountain may seem to be just like any other mountain, but there is something more than what meets the eye. Similarly, part of its unique beauty is its picturesque atmosphere as ice caps coat its peak like a white fur.

Also, everyone would certainly be dazzled to see the Temple of the Golden Pavilion (or the Kinkakuji Temple). The temple in itself tells thousands of tales about its previous occupants starting from the feudal lords who had once ruled the area to the more recent tenants.

I've always loved to walk along the deleted alleys during the time the Sakura trees bloom. Nothing could ever equal the solitude I feel as the leaves slowly fall down like a feather tossed in the empty air, a moment that I will always cherish.

More than just the scenic views the country offers, it also flaunts unique art and music. Considered one of the country's oldest arts, Japanese paintings, which are figurative in nature, depict a fusion and rivalry between native Japanese aesthetics and adaptation of imported ideas; another thing that made the art flourish through the ages.

Another factor why people love to visit the country is the people. Japanese are friendly by nature. If ever we had the idea that they are like the violent Samurai we have seen in the movies, a visit to the country would prove that wrong.

The funny Rakugo, a Japanese form of comedy, also entertains lots of tourists. I've seen one myself and I just can not stop myself from laughing when remembering.

There are a lot more reasons that would make anyone want to go to the country and I guess it would take forever before I could tell them all. True to its name, Japan will always be the Land of the Rising Sun and no matter how poets devise their words and frame metaphors, it would never be enough to define its beauty and splendor.