The Last Templar

In all of history there is nothing more intriguing than the Knights Templar. For they are the ones that have made history so fascinating. Through the ages though there have been many unanswered questions surrounding their existence. Were they devout knights or secret heretics? Did they leave behind a vast treasure? A treasure that is beyond imagination. How did they come to be associated with the Holy Grail? Did they manage to cross the Atlantic in a time before Columbus? These are some of the most concerning questions that are still unanswerable today. But, what we do know is the fact that the Templar Knights could have conceivably given birth to today’s Illuminati, the most secretive and influential organization in the world. How we know this is to trace the Templar’s origin from their humble beginnings to become the most powerful military and financial organization of the late Middle Ages.

Toward the end of the 12th century galloping out of the Holy Lands rides Fernando De Vasquez one of the last remaining Templar Knights. A Spanish nobleman who took that sacred oath years ago. An oath of unbending loyalty, sacrifice and obedience to an order unlike any other the world has seen. Vasquez the most skilled swordsman a renowned tactician survived many a battle only to witness the most debilitating defeat in their history. A defeat where he himself killed hundreds of the enemy but somehow miraculously survived. Now, mortified by all the carnage that was done in the name of Christendom. The ungodly slaughter of thousands made Vasquez rethink that his mission as a Templar Knight was not in line with his Christian beliefs. He knew through his childhood teachings in the monastery that before the 1st crusade the Muslims were very tolerant of Christians especially in Jerusalem. But, the first crusade was only the beginning of the bloodbath that was soon to follow.

To retrace the life of De Vasquez is to first understand who were these Templar Knights and how they came to be. The year was 1129 AD the Knights Templar were now officially recognized by the Catholic Church. As the major fighting force in securing the Holly Lands the Templar Knights were without question a major player of the Crusades. The order of the Knights Templar, the poor soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, as they were called became the most effective fighting force for the Catholic Church. We must remember that the Templar Knights were not all fighting men. A large number controlled what was to become the largest and most extensive banking system the world has known. To this day International Bankers continue to use the concepts of monetary transactions that were employed by the Templar Knights.

The fact that the Templar Knights for over two hundred years managed to acquire enormous wealth was a credit to their organization and implementation of ingenuity in manners of finance. But, it wasn’t until the Catholic Church under the influence from the King of France began a more sinister betrayal in destroying the very organization that gave the Vatican so much wealth. The fact remains that to this day the Vatican may very well be holding untold treasures and purposely withholding some of history’s most intriguing mysteries concerning the demise of the Knights Templar. History is just now starting to realize that the betrayal of the Catholic Church against the Knights Templar just may as well been the one single event that has triggered many of the current crisis now engulfing the Mid-East.

To trace the history of the Catholic Church is to further understand how the Templar Knights came into existence and the escalation of friction between two of the worlds foremost Religions. In 1071 the Byzantine Emperor requested that the Catholic Church send armed envoys to protect the many Christians pilgrimaging to Jerusalem. This was the main focus of the origin of the Knights Templar. Originally these Templar Knights sole purpose was to protect those Christians when they were traveling back and forth between Jerusalem. With the mounting intolerance by the Muslins who also viewed Jerusalem as their sacred city put many more Christians in danger.

It was in 1079 when the Pope started what is now considered the most barbaric assault against another religion in the name of Christianity. The first of three crusades that lasted for over two hundred years of savage ungodly bloodshed to eradicate the Muslins from the holy land. When the first crusade ended marked the beginning of the Templar Knights. In the years that followed the Templar Knights had grown more influential and prosperous. From those humble beginnings the Knights had become the wealthiest organization of the late Middle Ages. In 1307 AD after two centuries of alliance and allegiance to the Catholic Church a dark betrayal brought on by the greed of King Philip IV and Pope Clement V ordered the leaders of the Templars to stand trial for Heresy. By this time De Vasquez was back in northern Spain summoned to appear before the court of King Phillip. Never did De Vasquez trust the French King eluded the Kings guards and managed to board one of the 18 ships that were poised to set sail on Friday the 13th. That same day as the Grand Master and other leaders of the Templars were being arrested in Paris De Vasquez sailed into history and legend. Most historians agree that this betrayal was the direct result of Philip’s IV greed and his influence on the Pope. After all the King was an actual relative of Pope Clement V. This betrayal was specifically designed in order to grab all the Templars wealth. After some years of intense interrogation and torture many leaders of the knights died in prison. In 1314 the grand master of the Templar Knights died while burned at the state. A most horrific end to one of histories most influential organizations.

As for Fernando De Vasquez the last soldier of the Knights Templar he sailed into history carrying with him a treasure of the ages. Where he and those 18 ships went, to this day remains histories most enduring mysteries yet to be solved. We may never know where the last Templar went and then again maybe mankind was never meant to. Four hundred years later in 1770 Dr Adam Weishaupt, and Mayer Rothschild used the Freemason society to incorporate the evolution of the Illuminati. Mayer was a direct descendent to Moses Rothschild who was born in 1550. It is the Rothschild’s family tree that can be traced all the way back to the Templar Knights. Could it be that Fernando De Vasquez started the blood line of the Rothschild’s? Today’s Illuminati many historians now believe are a direct result of the blood line passed from generation to generation through the ages back to the last Templar Knights. Like the original sin the betrayal by the Catholic Church back in 1307 is now forever linked to one of histories most enduring mysteries, the disappearance of the Last Templar.