The Latest in Permanent Driveway Pavement – Decomposed Granite

The bane of existence for homeowners is often the need to replace an old driveway. Unfortunately, driveways over time deteriorate as the effects of nature bombard them. The elements take a toll on driveways regardless of their construction. Whether it is concrete, blacktop, brick pavers or simply dirt, driveways are always in need of replacement or reconditioning at some point. The latest in decorative, yet durable driveway material may be found in decomposed granite.

Decomposed rock granite is a concoction of crumbled rocks made of granite that has decomposed along with other trace minerals. This decomposition creates a myriad of colors. The granite is mixed with an artificial resin so that it can be used similar to concrete. Also known as poly driveway material, decomposed granite is poured and molded to create fantastic looking driveways, paths and even patios.

The material in decomposed granite is combined to create a highly durable and strong material. These driveways are becoming popular for their strength and resilience in highly trafficked areas. Another positive aspect of decomposed granite is that there are different colors that can be chosen from. Many who use the material for home driveways choose red or gold shades. These colors along with the structure of the materials, provides driveways and paths with a rustic appearance.

Although decomposed rock granite may be the newest thing, it has been the most successful on the West Coast. Areas where large temperature swings are present along with the potential for snowy conditions may be the true acid test.