The Laura Mostaghel Home and Interior Decor Collection

At a time when Western Europe and the superb collectibles one might find there are accessible only to the well-to-do, avid collectors don’t want to give up beautiful art because their currency has less value abroad. That’s one reason – admittedly a very small one – collectors should consider buying the work of American artists.

I would like to tell you about the work of one of America’s most outstanding and fastest-rising artists, Laura Mostaghel. Her complete catalog is in itself a work of art. She produces memorable oil paintings as well as hand-made and -crafted works that will grace any home in your choice of

Paintings – Vases and Tile Murals

Watercolors – Jewelry Pins

Giclées – Ceramic Boxes

Prints – Etchings

Her exquisite pieces are well-known to the rich and famous – household names long-known for their taste in fine art including Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney, Clint Eastwood, Tony Blair, and Princes Charles and William – as well as to connoisseurs and collectors of beautiful things.

While many of Laura’s original oils on canvas carry prices commensurate with their beauty and originality, she has also made many of these exquisite works available as giclées at prices affordable to most collectors. Some of these beautiful paintings in the glicée format are available in signed and numbered limited editions on acid free archival paper. Many artists will create a series from a canvas painting onto canvas. Laura chooses, instead, to keep her editions on paper so all canvas paintings are originals and any series will be on paper. However, the paper is 30.5 lb. Somerset Velvet coated cotton duck, cold press/acid free in museum white. Collectors will want to know that this paper has almost as much cotton as regular canvas fabric and will thus retain its intensity of the paints just as well as canvas that is primed and UV protected.

These will of course be somewhat more expensive but will in years to come be revered by collectors.

Laura’s tile murals and vases are readily identifiable as unique to her studio for their use of bold, vivid colors and strong lines in contrast with soft, light areas depicted in clear glaze. These pieces are fired four times in a kiln in order to create a rich, harmonious effect for them.

Her exquisite, hand-painted collectible series of decorative art boxes depicting women in colorful interiors, cats, and florals are wonderful gifts and keepsakes. Each box is an original like no other and is trimmed and accented in 22 karat gold. These boxes are also kiln-fired four separate times to achieve the quality that defines Laura’s art.

Often you will see that a piece you greatly desired has already been sold. By special arrangement with Laura we can help you overcome this disappointment.

Since all originals are by definition unique, you cannot obtain a copy. You can, however, request Laura to create a similar piece for you. This means in effect the subject, themes, and atmosphere of the sold piece will be captured in a unique rendering depicted on a new original. In effect you, the client, will be commissioning a famous artist to give you an oil painting unlike any other in the world.

This service will of course require special financial arrangements; clients are urged to contact us to learn the details. Although a client will necessarily be required to wait during the creation process, Laura will send you a sketch of her new inspiration for your approval and/or suggestions before the final work is completed.

With her incredible range of beautiful paintings, watercolors, and art objects from which to choose, you can discover beautiful pieces that will be the focus of attention in your home. The Global Connoisseur is very proud to feature the entire catalog of Laura’s work on our site at prices exactly the same that you would find at her studio in Florida.