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There is the Law of Sowing and Reaping, which says that when manifesting money you can only reap what you have sown in prior periods. We have written before, in other sections, of the time it takes for the Law of Attraction to bear fruit, as they say. This is a part of the reason that when you first discover the Law, you can not immediately manifest abundance, or the relationship you want, or whatever else you have been hoping for.

If you want to Manifest Money, a new German or Italian sports car, and you have never saved any money, never had a part time job, never put in overtime, never started a business to generate a second income, and never finished school, You are going to have to do some sowing before you are going to reap that car! This is the Law of Attraction in process, and manifesting money is a process.

Mike Dooley says that you have to master where you are right now, and start pitching balls to the Universe so that the Universe can hit you a home run. This activity is sowing. This mastery is sowing. Once you are engaged at this level, and visualizing your dream (s), you will find that you are inspired to specific activities, or to read or learn from certain texts or authors, or you may be inspired to meet with certain mentors or masters . You must follow your inspiration – or it will stop . Inspiration only comes to those who attend to her suggestions, so do not offend her. As Napoleon Hill says in a wonderfully helpful analogy, "success is a lover who must be courted" and the best teacher is ambition.

How can we court success and Manifest Money? In the same way that you would court a person, you must first have clarity about your goals, and the self confidence or trust that you will achieve your goal because you just know that you are not going to give up before you have won the prize . It is necessary to be positive, generous, and happy, just as you would be when dating a beautiful woman. This Law of Attraction analogy of Napoleon Hill is consistently helpful. If we are fearful and doubtful, we know that this will not work in a dating situation. It will not work with the Law of Attraction or manifesting money because we will attract more of that which we fear rather than that which we are visualizing. When you read that like interviews like, or you will attract the results of your vibrations, this is what they mean. You will attract whatever best matches your strongest emotions.

Doubt does not work with the Law of Attraction or manifesting money, either. As Jesus said, "Believe." Whenever he made a request of his father, he believed it was granted. He never doubted His father's love or his father's agreement to perform miracles whenever asked, and you know what worked for him.

Recently, I was with a 3 year old who loved watching construction. He was a fan of "Bob the Builder", but, he was also intrigued by the opportunity to watch real work by real men using real equipment. He learned to appreciate the time it took; Watching the preparation, the work, and finally, the cleanup. He would patiently wait with the excavator "shovel" operator for the dump truck to arrive. He would not let me leave until the men finished the job, even when we could see that they were filling the hole and would soon place the metal road grates over that. It did not take long before local workers were going to him. He was 3 years old and cause and effect, sowing and reaping, beginning, middle and end were concepts just being birthed in him. Manifesting money would come later.

During this period, he, one day, called to me with great excitement, "Nancy, Nancy, I see my car !!"

I looked up, expecting to see his father in the family car, but could not find anything that resembled it. Instead, all I could see was a new, shiny, pickup truck parked across the street …. "Are you looking at that truck?" I finally asked.

"Yes," he nodded. "That's my truck!" That was several months ago, and still when he sees that truck, or one just like it, he says the same thing. "Look Nancy, there's my truck!"

What could exemplify the correct use of the Law of Attraction and manifesting abundance better? He had imagined a truck. He saw himself as the owner in the present time. He did so with imagination and emotion. He believed it was his. He had even found a way to accept it into his life because he admitted that his father would have to drive it for him until he got a driver's license ….

As adults, we can add activity based on inspiration, and gratitude. Depending on how big our dream is, the value of what we seek to manifest, we will expect a learning curve. If we are manifesting a cup of coffee, we will not have much interference, but if we are manifesting that new sports car, we might be inspired to start a new business or to start a new department for our employer. If the dream is the sowing, this is the watering and fertilizing. We will have to wait for the reaping until we have learned what we need to learn and proven our persistence.

As an Example:

I was, last fall, inspired to start a website. I am sure this was a direct result of my visualization of financial success through multiple streams of income. I did not know anything about websites, but was willing to learn. I thought about it and began to plan what I would have as part of a website. This thinking and planning took several weeks. Then, I was in another person's website and noticed just at the bottom of the page, a notice that the page was built by a particular site builder. I moved my cursor down and found that I could click on the notice, which I did. This took me to another website that explained everything anyone would need to know about how to build a successful website. Voila! Inspiration and instruction manual all in one! I saved the site to my desktop, knowing that it would help me manifest money.

I realized that I needed to do more thinking about this. The web builder was not free, although they promised one free month with sign up. My plan was to have everything ready, so that I could build my site in that first month and be ready to monetize right away. As Anthony Robbins and Jeff Olsen say, when learning something new, learn from the masters and you will do it right the first time.

A few months later, I had a rough idea of ​​what I would do, but had not yet made the leap of faith and bought the site builder. I was talking with a colleague, a publisher, about my recently completed book, and she stated that all the contemporary best selling authors promoted their work on their own websites. She asked me if I had one …. As Jack Canfield would say, "Der, ner ner ner, der ner, nerner."

Now, when I say that the Universe may challenge you with some adversity, or will will place some hurts in your path, I know this from experience. At about that time, I was using my laptop at home, and my cat knocked over a glass of water that poured into the laptop. This laptop was about one week past its warranty. So now, I not only had to invest dollars that I did not have in the site builder program, but also in either repairing my old laptop, or buying a new one. I also did not know when I would find the time. I was not discouraged, but saw this as an opportunity to get creative and to Manifest Money.

As if to reward my positive attitude, at about that time, my bosses told me that they were going on vacation, and that I would also have a 3 week vacation with pay! My partner received a tax incentive check, or economic stimulus check from the government just as that vacation was beginning! So, any barriers of time or money were immediately wiped away!

We purchased the web builder and began to follow the "10-day Tutor" using my desktop computer (while my laptop was being fixed). Planning and building the site did not take 10 days. I only had 14 vacation days and worked day and night to get the website up in that amount of time, but that was the last week in April and just the beginning. 4 months later, I am still working on it. However, I am here to say that everything they tell me to do, I do, just as Anthony Robbins and Jeff Olsen would have me do. And, just as they promised, all my rankings have increased, and my traffic has increased, and our website popularity is growing by leaps and bounds! We have passed many websites in our niche that have been up for months or years longer.

I have to admit that this would not be fun for someone who does not enjoy writing, however, I can promise you that if you do, even if you do not have any idea what a website is, we can teach you how to do It. If you enjoy writing, it will be a complete pleasure. I do not know if there is anything more satisfying than designing and building a site based on something you love, and finding that there are millions of people in the world community who are excited to be learning about your subject from you!