The LCD TV Bracket – 3 Types to Consider

Are you looking for the appropriate LCD TV bracket to properly mount your TV on the wall? If so, then it is critical that you become familiar with the existing options. Different TV mounts are now widely sold in the market to cater the varying requirements and needs of users. That being said, it is really important that you are aware on the available choices. Doing so will allow you to spot the appropriate type.

Generally, there are three types of LCD wall TV brackets that you should consider. This includes the low profile wall mount, tilting wall mount, and full-motion or swiveling wall mount.

Low Profile LCD TV Mount

Among the three, this type is the easiest to install, and the least expensive. However, unlike the two other types of TV mounts, the low profile bracket cannot be adjusted once installed. It cannot be moved or tilted even if you want to. Due to its fixed installation, attaching or switching cables on the LCD TV can be a daunting task. Since there is no other way to tilt or move the LCD TV, you have no choice but to remove it from the wall when you need to replace or attach cables.

Tilting LCD Wall-Mount

This kind of TV bracket cost a little more compared to the low profile variety. In terms of functionality and use, it is very much comparable to the full motion wall mount. The level of difficulty of its installation is pretty much the same with the low profile. But the significant and most notable difference between the two TV brackets is the fact that a tilting TV bracket allows users to adjust the TV’s vertical viewing angle, which is definitely an added advantage over the low profile mount.

The tilting wall mount is comprised of a pivot that is located at the middle of the bracket. This makes it possible for the bracket to keep an appropriate viewing angle, and also allows users to conveniently adjust the viewing angle of the mounted LCD TV.

Unlike with the low profile TV’s bracket, attaching and removing cables on a tilting TV wall mount is much easier. But still, the tilting feature of this kind of TV bracket is quite limited as compared to the full motion TV mount.

Full Motion LCD TV Wall Mount As the name suggests, this type of LCD TV bracket offer full-motion tilting feature. The full motion TV wall mount is the most expensive type of bracket sold in the market. Moreover, it is also quite complicated to install. The full motion wall mount often include moving pieces, which function to allow the bracket to be adjusted vertically and horizontally. Normally, you would require 2-3 people to help you install the bracket properly. The arm adjoining the bracket to the wall allows it to be easily adjusted according to the viewing preference of the user.