The Lean Hollywood Look – Why it Appeals to Women

The "lean Hollywood look" in men is the one most inspired by women. Gone are the days when heavily-muscled guys were popular. Checkout any poll in a women's magazine, or listen to discussion on a women's talk show, and they always come back to desiring men who have similar builds to the guys they see on TV and in the movies. The good thing is, though, you can put in some time and effort and achieve this same look.

Physical Traits That Appeal to Women

  • By far, # 1 is a lean, flat torso. They are completely turned-off to flabby abs, beer bellies, and sloppy love handles.
  • Broad defined shoulders that taper naturally to a trim waist.
  • A chest that is lean and has some depth.
  • Arms that have a muscular shape. They do not have to be extremely big or covered in veins.
  • Legs that look like they are strong enough to run easily. Chicks do NOT like guys with flabby thighs.

Armed with this kind of ammunition, you can start working out to achieve this kind of build. It is much easier to drop body fat and build lean muscle mass than it is to put on slabs of dense, bulky muscle without the accompanying fat.

Why Women Find the Lean Hollywood Look Desirable in a Man

  • A guy who is lean and muscular looks fit and self-disciplined.
  • A man who is fit and tight looks like he has far more sexual energy than a flabby soft guy.
  • A guy who is lean and moves with energy gives off vibrations that he is goal-oriented and has ambition.
  • And my all-time favorite: They think guys with lean builds look good in clothes. (Who wudda thunk it?)

You can easily start making some changes in your lifestyle to get the lean Hollywood look that women want in a man.

Just getting rid of things like pop, pizza, fast food meals, beer, bread, sugar cereals, and pastries / desserts from your diet will cut off fat storage on your abs. Working out regularly and consistently with weights will help you start building lean muscle mass. Including interval training in your cardio a few times each week will accelerate fat loss as well as build lean muscle.

Women are adamantly telling us what they want physically in a man. Gearing your diet and training to get the lean Hollywood look will give you an advantage over the competition when it comes time to take off your shirt at a cookout by the lake or a party at the beach.