The Least Expensive Way to Build Stairs

Having a house with more than one level usually means that the house will need to contain stairs. If one is building a home from the ground up, there are so many costs involved, including materials and labor. When certain projects or portions of the home can be done in a cost effective manner, it is of benefit to the person who owns the property. When searching for the least expensive way to build stairs, there are many different ways that a person can save money when building the stairs as a do it yourself or DIY project.

The following is a list of tips to consider when one's goal is to find the least expensive way to build stairs:

Tip # 1: Do not exceed the standard stair width of thirty six inches. While a larger width, such as forty inches, may seem elegant and attractive, it will cost more money in materials and labor.

Tip # 2: Plan on building carpet grade stairs. If you choose to build stairs where the wood is exposed, you will spend a huge amount of money on wood that is high grade enough to use as a showpiece.

Tip # 3: Use OSB or plywood to construct your carpet grade stairs. You do not need fancy wood to construct stairs, if you are planning on covering them up with carpet.

Tip # 4: Consider doing the job yourself if you have some construction know how. You can save tons on labor costs this way, and this is one of the Least expensive ways to build stairs. Or, hire someone who is a good rough carpenter and offer to assist them with the job so that you can save on labor costs as well.

Tip # 5: Do not opt ​​for fancy railroads or expensive handrails. They are not needed. You can buy an inexpensive unfinished wooden handrail and stain or paint it to serve the purpose.

Above are tips that detail some of the Least expensive way to build stairs. By taking some or all into consideration and utilizing them, a person can save quite a bit of money on his or her stair building project.