The LED Industry Will Have A Great Change In The Future

The demand of the LED light is increasing continuously, and the growth of the market scale can reach fifty times. The LED illumination is the main application of the entire industry nowadays; the practitioners' allocation becomes the key of the next wave of this industry. Currently, the grain business takes twenty to thirty percent of the entire revenue, but the schedule of the package factories are not uniform and the process of getting profit is very slow.

The permeability of the LED illumination is about four percent to five percent in this year, and its luminescence efficiency is the same with fluorescent lamp. The permeability is able to reach ten percent in the next year, and the luminescence efficiency can be improved by twenty percent. Driven by the subsidy, the LED illumination is entering the business and family market from the basic applications, such as the plant illuminative light, medical care lamp. Some practitioners maintain that the LED illumination will have a good prospect, and they harden the allocation of the illumination. The demand of LED backlight is decreasing in the fourth quarter of this year, which will make the ratio of LED light high.

Although the leader of the LED package factory has released its own brand of illumination, it still emphasizes the application of backlight. Its ratio of LED light only takes five percent to six percent, which will increase to ten percent in the next year. And its sales will reach 1.5 billion in the next year. With the entrance of the other competitor, the original leaders may confront with different when they are trying to expand their customers, and even lose the leading status; what is more, the competition between the package factories is fiercer. It is predicated that the price of the LED will reduce, which will impact the gross profit in the next year. Experts maintain that the backlight and illumination will be the double engine in the future. But the development of the backlight may have the bottleneck in the future two for three years; therefore, the LED illumination will play a more important role. The market will have great change. Now, the integrated circuit is related Friends AIC1578PS .