The Lift Recliner – Why This Type of Chair Can Be a Senior's Best Friend

The lift recliner is an essential piece of furniture every senior can use to make life easier. Here is how the lift recliner chair works and why it can be so helpful for the elderly.

As we grow older our mobility to walk and sit becomes more difficult. There are many assist tools that help with walking-but we can not walk all the time. At some point we need to sit and rest our weary feet.

The problem is sitting down into an easy chair and then getting up out of one can be very difficult for the elderly. That is where the lift recliner comes into play. It is one of the best tools around when it comes to helping anyone with mobility challenges sit easier.

The lift recliner has the ability to tilt up and forward to a person can sit into it from a standing position. All you have to do is back into it.

These chairs come electrically powered and feature a hand held controlled device. By the simple touch of a button the chair can be lowered down into a comfortable sitting position.

These lift chairs are also very comfortable and quite attractive and add to the decor of any home. The come in different sizes as well to accommodate people that have different body shapes and weight.

Also referred to as a riser chair, they can be found in a variety of colors and upholstery materials, including even leather if that is desired.

The electric recliner chair comes in three versions. They all offer varying degrees of how far back they recline.

The two position lift chair reclines anywhere up to 45 degrees. This works well for someone that will be sitting in the chair just a few hours per day.

The three position chair reclines all the way back to just about 180 degrees. This type of a lift recliner is intended for the person that may take the occasional nap in the chair.

Finally there is the version called the infinite position lift chair. This chair tilts back a little past 180 degrees. It also has a separate control function for the foot rest. This allows the foot rest to be positioned at an angle different that the chair. This can be very helpful for the person that may sleep in the chair or has health concerns that require different body positioning.

These power lift chairs are so helpful for seniors that in many cases their health insurance may pay for the cost of purchase. It is advised to check with a physician to see if this is possible.