The Luxury and Necessity of Home Elevators

When you were a kid, did you always dream of living in a big mansion where you would need an elevator to get from one story of the house to another? Well, now that you are older, that dream has probably gone by the wayside, leaving those kids of luxuries for the rich and famous. Well, all kidding aside, the addition to home elevators in your home is not as drastically expensive as one would think, and there are occasions (such as when a person is suddenly and permanently wheel chair bound) that the addition of a home elevator is not only desired, but also a necessity.

These elevators can built into your house while you are having a home built, or it can be built on as an addition if you desire so later on. The sky is really the limit for how you want the elevators in your home to look. It can simply be a standard look with metal doors, or it can be far more luxurious (and expensive) complete with wood paneling and tinted lighting. All home elevators companies will have a large selection of choices to fit your required needs. If your reason for having an elevator installed in your home is for health purposes, your elevator company will be able to make your elevator fit your exact specifications, including wheel tracks which will lock your wheels in place to keep your wheel chair from sliding as well as

Elevators for your home are generally built narrow, to accommodate only one to two people. Most have a maximum weight limit of 750 pounds. All states require that a land line be installed in every elevator for emergency purposes. Home elevators can not be made in place of a stair case for fire code purposes. Whether it is for a luxury reason or for medical purposes, the addition of an elevator in your home can make a huge difference. If you ever have the need to sell you home, your in-home elevator addition will be a big perk and can greatly increase your home market value. Who would not want an elevator in their house, right?