The Makita HR2460 – A Heavy-Duty Drill Light Enough For All Your Drilling Needs

If you need a heavy duty corded drill, the Makita HR2460 hammer drill is the one to keep in your box. This heavy-duty drill is heavy in ability, not pounds, so it can handle the light jobs when you need it to. It’s a good all-purpose drill. The HR2460 is at its utmost best when drilling through such interferences as copper wire and magnetized steel. And it takes all this punishment with the help of highly advanced bearings that extend the drill’s life.

The HR2460 acts as both a rotary drill and a hammer, with forward or reverse gearing and multiple speeds. The motor also puts a limit on the torque, to avoid breaking up valuable bits or jamming the transmission of the drill. The motor has twice the insulation, and is powerful enough for the meanest job. It also has an advanced SDS chuck.

You won’t regret keeping a drill like this Makita hammer drill in your toolkit. It will drill 2.2 cm into concrete, and even more with a Tungsten-carbide or diamond core bit. It will drill 3.2 cm into wood, or 1.3 cm into steel. If it’s hammering you want, the Makita HR2460 hammers at 2.7 Joules each second, and up to 4500 astounding hits each minute! This Makita power tool can handle anything you can expect to run into on the job, although, sadly, it won’t pack your lunch or pour your coffee.

The Makita HR2460 has a seven-hundred eighty watt capacity, and it will run up to eleven-hundred RPMS at a free spin. At a weight of a little over two and one half kilograms, it’s quite a condensed package. As with other corded drills, the Makita HR2460 has a cord that sits at a thirty-five degree angle. This keeps it out of the way and allows for a little more room to work when you’re holding it.

It’s amazing how bit-chucks have changed over the years. In the HR2460 corded drill, Makita uses an advanced locking mechanism for the bit. This makes it handy for changing the bit, so you don’t have to put the drill down and go hunting for another tool to help you with that process. The speed is highly adjustable on this drill also, so running this heavy duty machine is a lot like packing the light cordless drills around. It’s not quite as mobile as the cordless, but it is about as mobile as a heavy duty drill can get. If you expect it to handle as awkwardly as one of those cheap, older drills in your dad’s garage, you’ll be disappointed.

I guess every power tool’s design has been affected by ergonomics. “Ergonomics,” yeah, that’s just a vague kind of word that explains how Makita only designs and builds the safest and most practical tools you can twist your fingers around. The ideal grip on the handle reduces stress on your wrist and arm, and the longer you use this tool during the day, the more you’ll appreciate that feature. That’s the HR2460 protecting you while it works; and that’s Makita.