The Male Deer Exercise

The Taoist deer exercise was developed by observing the actions of deer in the wild. The ancient Taoist observed that the deer had a strong sex drive and they adapted the exercise for human use.

The deer exercise helps to connect the mind, body and spirit. In fact, the deer exercise is a mental, physical and spiritual exercise in one. By performing the deer exercise, you will come to realize that sex is a spiritual experience as well as mental and physical.

There are many benefits to the deer exercise. The exercise balances the body. The Taoist refer to seven glands, but they are similar to the seven charkas. The deer exercise draws energy through the seven glands to the pineal gland. This idea is similar to the concept of drawing energy up from the root to the crown charka.

When the energy hits the pineal gland, there is a tingling sensation though the entire body similar to the experience of orgasm. If there is a disruption in energy flow in any of the seven glands, the energy will not make it to the pineal gland until that energy imbalance is filled. Regular performance of the deer exercise will help bring energy to all the seven glands.

The deer exercise is also used in spiritual manifestation to allow for sexual transmutation. Sexual energy is saved and converted in to creative energy through sexual transmutation and the deer exercise.

The deer exercise also has the benefit of prolonging intercourse. If other artificial means of prolonging intercourse are used, damage to the prostate can occur over time. However; by practicing the deer exercise and training the prostate muscles, sexual encounters can last much longer.

Normal sexual intercourse ends when semen is expelled from the prostate. However; through use of the deer exercise and training the muscles, the male can experience multiple orgasms without ejaculation and without losing vital energy. Once the deer exercise is mastered, the male feels refreshed and energized after sex rather than tired and sleepy. Advanced users of the deer exercise can also practice the deer exercise as a means of birth control.

The deer exercise is best done in the nude. It can be done while sitting, standing or lying down. There are two parts.

Begin part one by building up the sexual energy. Rub your hands together vigorously until they feel warm. Then take one hand a cup your testicles. Do not squeeze, just feel the warmth.

Take the other hand and begin to make small circles on your lower abdomen between your navel and penis. You will likely make small knots in your hair, but it is worth it. Rub to feel heat generated. Keep your mind clearly focused on the movements and the feelings. Be gentle and do not try to force anything. Make 81 circles.

Now, rub your hands together again to get them warm. Switch hands and place the other hand on your balls and use the other to rub your belly. This time, make sure that the circles are in the opposite direction from the first set. Do another 81 circles. Keep your mind clearly focused on the motion and the sensations.

Now you are ready for the second part. Tighten the muscles of the anus as if you were trying to pull in air. Think of a deer wiggling its tail. Hold the contraction for as long as comfortable. Do not strain. Then, stop and relax.

Repeat the contraction. Again, focus on tightening the anus muscles as tight and as long as comfortable. Stop and relax again.

After a few repetitions, you will begin to feel a tingle going up your back. This feeling is the movement of energy up through the seven glands. If it stops at some point, you know there is weakness in that area that needs to be addressed. Eventually you will feel a tingle in the back of your neck and the tingle will expand through your body like that of an orgasm. This effect happens when the energy reaches the pineal gland.

You will likely not be able to hold the contraction for very long at a time at first. However; if you continue and practice the exercise twice a day, you will soon strengthen the muscles to the point where you can hold the contraction longer.

If you wish to test if the exercise is strengthening your prostate muscles, you can try this test: While urinating, try to stop the flow and then restart it. As your muscles grow stronger, you will find that you can easily control your stream of urine.

The second part of the exercise can be done anywhere and at any time. It can be used to give yourself a natural energy boost or simply for the pleasurable sensation. If preformed during sexual intercourse, you can achieve multiple orgasms without ejaculating. In this way, you can conserve your sexual energy and transmute it into creative energy.